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Grieving man pens song for brother

My son, John Cacciatore, is a grieving man.  He lost his younger brother (my youngest child), in a car accident in 2008.  John is a very talented songwriter and musician, and he turned to music to deal with his grief.   He wrote this song, Forever Mine, about three months after his brother died.   It was a very dark, sorrowful time for him.  Music kept him from going over the edge.  He is still a grieving man and misses and thinks about his brother every day.  But, he is married now and has a one year old son (my grandson), who he named Carmen.  As time passes, this grieving man has found peace and love, and happiness.

Nothing can replace or fill the void that was his brother, but John has found happiness in his life with his beautiful family by his side.  I pray you never go through losing a child or a sibling but if you do, look for people who can relate to how you feel.  We are here, in the quiet recesses of society, gently and courageously carrying our loss knowing hopelessly that it is a lifelong journey.   

This is his song for his brother.              http://www.johncacciatore.hearnow.com                                                         

My original song-Harvardwood Radio


I am very excited to share that my original song, Lost In Love, was accepted to play on Harvardwood Radio!   I’m a singer and a songwriter, and my music expresses the real life issues and topics that affect us all.  Lost In Love expresses the joy at finding true love.

Check out my original song, Lost in Love, on the link.