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Woman entrepreneur in the USA



All I can say right now is


Where else in the world can someone (namely me, a woman entrepreneur over 50) still be able to carve out an entrepreneurial existence? Probably only right here, in the good old U.S .of A., that’s where. You see, I’m an entrepreneur but I’ve been looking for a “real” job for the past two months by  sending out tons of resumes for office work with only two, count them, TWO, calls back for interviews.

“Ok, fine. Whatever. I’m not going to take it personal.”

I know I’m qualified and experienced to do a whole host of jobs, including, but not limited to: teacher, office manager, business owner, bookkeeper, and writer.  Regardless of a call back however,


 So, amidst the constant checking on Craigslist and Monster, I’ve also been marketing myself and my unique abilities in the hopes of producing an income.  I thank God for my entrepreneurial mind, my resourcefulness, tenacity, and belief in my abilities because


All three business’ of mine got work.

1) This morning my Story Train www.thestorytrain.com educational company got hired by a private school

2) I just got hired to paint a kitchen through my home renovation company, Shwen-o-vations, and

3) I got hired to perform ( www.sharenwendy.com ) on an ongoing schedule at an upscale retirement/assisted living facility.

So tell me, where else but in America would I be able to do this? Where else is it still possible for hard work, ingenuity, and some luck, to produce an income? 

I may not be making millions of dollars like you hear about in those rags to riches stories, but I am able to put food on my table and pay my bills, legally and respectfully.

No one told me how to do this.  There isn’t a “motivational guru” cheering me on other than the voice in my own head telling me to believe in myself, my abilities, and to just never, ever give up……ever.

Good morning!


Good morning!
Yes, that’s right it’s a good morning, and for many reasons.  However, yesterday I was feeling a little down because I want to be able to buy a few plants for my yard, and my truck needs new brakes, and I need to buy some new clothes to wear for this nice weather and I haven’t had my hair done since February but alas, none of that is going to happen because I just don’t have the money.  So I decided to just take a late afternoon drive and as soon as I came to where I could see the ocean my perspective changed and the power of positive thinking renewed my perspective.  I thought to myself, “Oh my goodness, I was able to buy food this week.  I also had enough money to pay my bills.  I also have a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in.  I have cats who love me and enough money to feed them.  I am probably one of the healthiest, energetic, active, creative people I know.  All of my kids are off on their own leading successful, healthy lives.  I have healthy and happy grandchildren.  My life is peaceful and calm.  I can sing at any open mic whenever I want.  I have so much!  I felt unbelievably blessed and humbled and as I sat listening to the ocean waves I prayed, “Dear God, thank you for my life.”         

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