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It’s about the message

    I wrote this story back in 1994, a time in my life of much spiritual soul searching.  As I analyzed and questioned all that I’d been taught and learned in my life about religion and spirituality the notion came to me that I should be free to create my own explanation of God and destiny, love and hate, human behavior, etc., etc.  Although 16 years have passed since I wrote this, it still holds (what I consider, anyway) some unique and interesting explanations on life.   I consider it to be just a story, please don’t be offended.  Think about the message……………..which is LOVE.                                        

Sharen Wendy Robertson




     Long, long ago, before God created the universe, He lived with all of His angels in Heaven.  God thought His angels were very special and loved all of them the same.  Each angel was empowered with a unique talent: some angels could sing, some could write poetry, some could draw, and some angels could think big thoughts.  Yet, there was one angel who was especially close to God.  He called her Reena Shi.  Sometimes Reena Shi would sit for hours and days (well, for a long time because they don’t really keep track of time in Heaven) on the front steps of God’s throne and watch as He inspired the universe into existence. 

     This was not an easy task, even for God, so once a month He summoned a meeting with His staff of angels who could think big thoughts.  They met at the Palace of Heavenly Thought.  It was by far one of the most beautiful buildings in Heaven. The Palace was made of clear, blue crystal.  There was no need for doors because the beings could pass right through the crystal.  The steps up to the Palace were magnificent: sculpted silver with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, and sparkling stardust waterfalls on each side of the steps.  Worker angels lovingly polished the stones, while maintenance angels kept watch over the stardust.  The roof was open to the sky so the light of the sun always shown down from above.  God‘s conference chamber was on the first floor.  The meetings usually lasted a long time, and Reena Shi always included herself because she wanted to be near God. 

     In those early days of creation there was so much work to do, like where to put this star and where to put that planet.  Creating a new universe isn’t as easy as you might think, the dimensions must be absolutely perfect so that everything has enough room to grow or else things will bump into each other.  This was such important work in fact that God commanded his angels to be very precise. 

    “When you design this new universe make sure it is perfectly balanced,” said God. “Everything


must have enough room to grow.”


     Reena Shi watched God create.  The matters of the earth, like the flowers, trees, and animals all listened carefully to their instructions from God.  He was like a conductor of an orchestra, his hand would go up and all things would know what to do.  The flowers would open.  The clouds would rain.  The sun would shine.  The moon would glow.  Babies would be born, and people would die.        

     From out of all that God had created He loved the earth the most.  In the beginning, God had loved everything the same, but the earth was the only planet that had listened to Him.  All the other planets were once as alive as the earth, but they became very stubborn and thought they didn’t need God.  Like Mars and Pluto and Saturn, they were once filled with plants and people just like the earth.  Sadly, they began to think they didn’t need God and when He tried to whisper to them they wouldn’t listen.  This stubbornness upset the balance God had worked so hard to create.  He kept trying to whisper instructions to all those planets:

     “Please, just love each other,” God said softly.  They all ignored this tiny, simple command.

     Life on those planets existed for awhile without God, but without love to balance the meanness, all the animals and insects and people hated each other.  Soon the flowers wouldn’t open because they were jealous that the birds could fly, and the sun stopped shining because he didn’t want the moon in his sky anymore.  Then, little by little, everything on those other planets slowly died off.  It got very, very cold until everything…………just…………….froze. 

     There wasn’t anything God could do except to try and not think about all He had lost.  Instead, He thought about something very wonderful. 

“Thank goodness,” He sighed, “I still have the earth.”

     God turned away from the cold, lifeless space.  Looking down from His throne He could see the earth: healthy, vibrant, and colorful.  God gazed lovingly at the blue skies, green forests, golden fields, orange sunsets, red sunrises, gray clouds, and the silver moon.  Even when He was busy doing God-work He still kept a loving, watchful eye on his favorite planet.  Sometimes God would journey around the earth.  His presence was a warm, gentle breeze. 

Reena Shi often traveled with God.  She enjoyed her trips to earth; loved all of it, especially the creatures that God called human beings.  Of all of God’s creations, human beings were His favorite, and He was very protective of them.  With a peaceful thought God would breathe over the earth.  At this, all the animals and plants jumped up and down with joy.  Then everything lit up with a warm, heavenly light only God and the angels could see.  Any living thing with an innocent heart had this light.  It was the most shimmering, sparkling, shining light in the whole universe.  Human beings had the most brilliant light, some so strong that it was visible to God and Reena Shi for miles and miles.  It was especially helpful to those humans whose light was not very bright because to grow stronger all they needed to do was be around someone with a strong light.  Every minute with that person made their light glow brighter and brighter. 

     Sadly, there were some humans who were so far away from the light of others that they were always in darkness.  They didn’t know they were in darkness because only God and the angels could see the light.  They just felt lonely and bored with themselves, and their sadness made them feel cold.  The coldness slowed them down, and they became angry.  God traveled the earth and searched for those humans who were cold.  He tried over and over again to warm them by breathing His spirit on them but they were stubborn.  Their hearts were too cold to love anything, not even themselves.  They just turned the other way until God passed by, pretending not to notice that He was even there at all.  They just got colder and colder until their hearts……….just…….froze.

     God was very sad for these humans.  He looked away from the earth, out into the cold, lifeless universe and cried.  His teardrops were made of pure, blue crystal and each tear was the thought of a cold, yet beautiful human.  Each crystal teardrop was caught by an angel and placed gently in its own glass case.  Every case was outlined with liquid gold and silver.  On the bottom was a golden nameplate where the angels carefully wrote the names of the humans who had died without feeling the light of God.  Reena Shi noticed that God was crying more often and that the overflow of tears was keeping the angels busier than ever catching his teardrops.

     Now, the order in Heaven was this: God loved humans beings and the angels, but unlike the angels, humans were delicate and needed special, gentle care.  So, God assigned an angel to protect every child. 

  “Throughout time,” He commanded, “every human child will receive an angel. The angel will stay with that human for an entire lifetime.  The humans will call this presence “soul.”  You will bring my love with you to earth, and I will call you home when your work on earth is done.”

     The angels smiled and danced because they were happy to please God.

     “Remember,” God said gently, “humans must choose to love each other.  You will experience life and they will experience my love.  As your time on earth is fulfilled, your memory of Heaven will start to come back.  If you and the human become especially close, they will feel what you feel and sense what you know.  But remember, if you reveal yourselves to the humans they will die.”

      There was silence in the great hall where God’s throne was.  A warm wind passed through all the angels and the great hall became thunderous with God’s thoughts. Then God tried to prepare his angels for those humans who would not love.

     “Some of you will be born into humans who will grow cold no matter how hard you try to remind them to love.  When I call you home your only memory of them will be their names.  Each name will then be inscribed on a glass case with a crystal teardrop inside.  Nothing else will be remembered of that human.  For the humans who were warm and loving, all their thoughts and feelings will live on for all eternity in you.”

     Reena Shi sat on the marble steps with her friends.  They all sang a heavenly tune for God.  Soon, it was time for Reena Shi and her friends to leave Heaven.  They were all lifted up and placed in a golden archway.  There they waited suspended in space and time.  They sang again while they waited for God (in a low hum of course so God would not think they were being impatient). 

     “I send you out to the earth as my special messengers,” God finally said.  “You will bring an understanding of love and it will light the world.  This is an important mission because the light has already begun to flicker

on earth and even grow dark in some places.  You must rescue and protect all I have left.”

     Then God summoned Reena Shi to sit near Him.  She gazed upward, eyes closed, and the vision of God filled her mind. 

     “You are my joy,” God whispered.  “I am always with you, watching over you, and loving you.  In a very short time you will not remember me, but do not be afraid because I will remember everything about you every moment of forever.  You are always with me, and I am always listening.”

     “I am not afraid,” she reassured God.  “Even if I can not remember you, I think my love is strong enough to stay with me and keep me warm until you call me to come home.” 

     God moved Reena Shi back with her friends, and then she fell asleep.  When she awoke she was within a small child named Rose.  The child felt Reena Shi’s presence. 

     Time passed slowly on earth.  God missed his companion, and sometimes on his journeys around earth would pass by Rose’s house.  Once, when Rose was four years old, He even paused while she played in her backyard.  His presence filled the yard.  The birds and animals began an excited clatter and the trees bent down to welcome Him.  Rose closed her eyes and turned up toward the warm, bright sun.  From deep within Rose, Reena Shi awoke and turned up toward the sun too.  For that moment, God was the sun and both Reena Shi and Rose were filled with His love. 

     Rose took a deep breath, and Reena Shi felt the warmth of the breath.  Then, as if by magic, their breathing was in perfect harmony with the presence of God.  The moment was calm and peaceful. Rose was overwhelmed with the light and warmth of God’s love, and she began to cry.  The little girl sat alone in the yard; no one heard her cry or came to comfort her.  She rocked back and forth, crying tears that she did not understand.  She lay down on the grass, the tears continued.  Still, no one came to comfort her.  

     God felt compassion for Rose.  She stopped crying and fell asleep on the grass.  At that moment, God lifted her thoughts, and she dreamed of Heaven.  God took Rose above the universe and beyond the stars.  In that same instant, Reena Shi awoke and remembered who she was.  She gazed at God and His love embraced her.  Reena Shi and Rose rested in God’s loving embrace.  An eternity passed, yet when Rose opened her eyes she was still laying on the grass in her yard.  This experience stayed with her throughout her life.  God continued to visit Rose, and she grew up to be a loving, compassionate woman.  God was very pleased with this, and Rose was remembered throughout eternity in Reena Shi.   

     As for the rest of the earth, God continued to watch and hope.  He realized the difficult challenges His angels were facing.  He also knew that the distance between Heaven and Earth was far too wide for even the most loving humans to cross.  So finally God decided, without another moment’s hesitation, to pack up His kingdom and move everything to earth.  This way He could monitor the situation more closely.  As always, Reena Shi, who was now back home in heaven, was by God’s side.  Thank goodness, because when God arrived on Earth neither His angels nor the humans recognized Him.  He realized that in order for things to improve He needed to make Himself known. This proved to be more difficult than He thought it would be. 

     “How can I show my loving nature?” said God.  “Humans are suspicious and fearful.  Maybe I stayed away too long.”

     He thought and thought.  Finally, He had an idea. 

     “I will answer them when they call.  I will answer them loudly so they can hear me.  I will also call out to them.  I will call them loudly so they can hear me.”

     The wind began to blow boldly from the four corners of the earth.  The sun danced merrily with the moon in the sky.  The birds perched on the backs of other creatures and rode peacefully without being bothered.  The oceans calmed themselves and the air around the earth smelled of sweet, fragrant roses.  Everything in nature cooperated as if to say:   “Listen up humans!  God has not forgotten you.  This is His nature and He is revealing it to you.” 

    With a sense of wonder and curiosity, humans from all walks of life, all races and nationalities, turned from their busy, lonely lives, closed their eyes and felt the safe embrace of their loving God.  All at once everything on earth heard His voice.  The whole of creation glowed brilliantly with a light not seen by God since the beginning of time.  Then, in all His glory and joy, He cried.  Reena Shi sat down beside God and cried too.  At that moment the earth became a beacon of light and warmth to the rest of the universe.  God reached out generously and lightly touched the planets around the earth.  They were still frozen, yet somewhere deep within the ice and cold a tingle of thaw began.  The loving light from the earth was being absorbed in the universe.  Everything was peaceful.  God smiled, and then He and Reena Shi rested with the earth.               


                    The End        


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