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No compromise


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No compromise on some issues.  Have you ever been in a situation where you knew the correct, moral choice but still imagined what it would be like to compromise on your integrity?  I have to admit, there are times in my life when I find myself on the very edge of a temptation, teetering and contemplating, even imaging “what if?” just for the sake of realism.  However, my strong moral compass never fails me.  I am reminded that the most important thing in my life is to be able to look my own self in the mirror and to be proud of who I see.  I remember too well how forsaken and hopeless I felt about 25 years ago when I’d had too much to drink and made a complete fool out of myself.  Of course, I had to look at myself in the mirror the next day.  I was beyond embarrassed and full of self loathing.  I thought I was surely going to die of hopelessness.  I stood in the mirror and vowed to myself never, ever to compromise my integrity again.  That vow has remained as a steadfast best friend, never very far from my reality and life.  Although sometimes I imagine what giving into a temptation would be like, it just never happens.  I am grateful I have a strong character, one which I will not undermine by being weak.  There is no compromise on some issues.

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Spending time

The term: “Spending time” is interesting. I
wonder who thought of it because we are indeed spending time, each
moment plucked away, each second flittering to the next. We don’t live
forever and so it reasons that we are allotted only a certain amount of
time to use. Our lives can be uniquely distinguished by how we’ve used
our time. So, I was wondering how I’ve spent my “allotment” so far. When
I started to think about my life, this list formed in my mind, but I
determined that I would only attach one label to each point. It’s not
in any particular order & each point could definitely have more than
one way of spending time. What would your list include?

My life (so far) and what time I have spent:
Singer/songwriter (time to perform)
Grieving Parent (time to cry)
Entrepreneur (time to create)
Domestic Violence Survivor (time to stand)
Writer (time to think)
Student (time to study)
Business Woman (time to network)
Teacher (time to share)
Mother (time to love)
Grandmother (time to dote)
Home repair woman (time to build)
Solitude (time to reflect)
Wife (time to compromise)
Daughter (time to listen)
Sister (time to care)
Mistakes (time to learn)

I’m sure there are more points for me besides these. But, nonetheless,
this was an interesting exercise for me. Made me reflect, which is
always good.  Please add your thoughts on what this list should include.

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Reflections from a woman who thinks too much (2).


Another month’s worth of my philosophical thoughts, contemplated early mornings with my tea:

10/10/11 Seven years ago today, I reacted to a situation in my personal life and made a decision that transformed and altered my life and the lives of everyone around me. The situation was so familiar to me, a scenario that had been repeated over and over and over throughout my life, yet, something unfamiliar happened in me and I finally, FINALLY, realized that the situation was hopeless. The realization crushed me mentally and emotionally, but also propelled me to move forward courageously from the “safety” of what I knew into a new life that both scared and fascinated me. I was uneqipped emotionally, financially, mentally, or physically for facing the world as a single woman, yet there I was making my new path. Today, 7 years later, I ask myself, “Would I have made the same decision knowing what I know now?” My answer would have to be yes, even though I’d given up so much, based upon the fact that once that light of hope finally went out, there was no way I could lie to myself anymore.

10/14/11 Sitting at home thinking and writing on this rainy Friday night. Thought I’d share with you what I was contemplating: “Spiritual growth is an inward experience that can occur in everyone who believes in their worth. This should not be confused with being worthy. There is a difference between being unworthy and feeling worthless. Unworthiness means that we have fallen short of a standard origi…nating outside of ourselves and that we judge ourselves by someone else’s standards. On the other hand, feeling worthless is when we judge ourselves as not worth anything, the most common source of feeling worthless being an inability to moderate a certain behavior. Unworthiness is not what separates us from spiritual growth, feeling worthless about ourselves does. Spiritual growth is unconditional, not because God has to settle for less but because God does not judge. We are entitled to this experience simply because we are equipped with the capacity to experience it; and it is not something we are supposed to deprive ourselves of. To grow spiritually, we simply have to believe we are as beautiful and perfect and pure as the experience makes us feel.” SWR

10/17/11 We are all born with unique potentials across every fiber of our being, potentials for unique talents and character traits, but the potential remains unrealized until something triggers an awareness and we tap into the potential. Imagine all the untapped potential we carry within us (because we only tap into that which is triggered by something). What about all the potential we carry that we never even realize is within us? We are probably a hundred times more talented than we, or the world, will ever know. I think this is a cool thought……

10/18/11 You know the saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” my thought on this is that you already have to be strong and resilient in order to climb the mountains of life, otherwise you’ll shrivel up and die, maybe not literally but emotionally. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t figure out a way to come back from a hit (literally and figuratively). You find a way get back up…….thats all there is to it.

10/19/11 Sometimes it is very difficult to hold firmly to your values, not because you doubt yourself and wrestle with how you feel, but because you have to explain yourself to those people who want you to change your mind, almost like having to defend your core values, and I don’t think it’s very nice. This kind of engagement gives me nightmares and makes me feel ill……yuck.

10/28/11 Think more often about the good that you see in other people rather than the bad, and remember that the qualities we notice in other people are reflections of what we pay attention to in ourselves. Be aware of the good qualities, which can be found in everyone in some measure, of kindness and compassion, empathy and joy, peacefulness and grace, etc. If you can “see” these qualities in your neighbor, you will be doing your own soul a huge service.

11/1/11 I wonder why there’s no ladder when you reach for a dream, nor compass or map, no life jacket or life preserver or life boat, no oxygen, no paddles, no motor, no sails, no lifeline, no lighthouse, no safety net? There’s nothing, except your dream (which prompts you to move forward) and your own will (which is the force that propels you).

10/31/11 Good Sunday morning! Ready? it’s time to or exercise. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to the gym or even lift one tiny finger. Follow me: now, lift & carry your past while stretching & reaching for the stars…that’s right….now hold it for the count of 6 billion seconds (or whatever the second count is for your life time). Wait we’re not done. See that tight rope over there? Well, I want you to walk and balance the two every day of your entire life. Just think of all the calories we burn just trying to stay balanced on that tight rope! (Oh yes, I forgot to say, SMILE while you exercise, too).

11/3/2011 Does the environment that you live in reflect all that you believe to be true about yourself or does it reflect all that others believe to be true about you? It’s not a difficult question to answer, either yes or no. If it’s no, that doesn’t mean you have to make any changes or that you are being judged, because oftentimes responsibilities dictate the type of life we have, but just know that there will come a time in your life when you will be prompted to finally create a life that reflects the “real” you. Will you be brave enough to walk off into uncharted territory & be the person you were always meant to be? If you think you will be brave, then you most certainly will give it your best shot.

11/07/11 I’m thinking that these personal qualities combined are what a person needs to achieve a challenging goal: faith, courage, persistence, tenacity, luck, timing, patience, strength, grit, nerve, humor, sweat, kindness……..I’m curious, what you would add to this list?

11/08/2011 I’ve always had dreams, and for most of my life I tried to achieve them while being surrounded by family and friends who just did not share my visions and dreams. All it did was eventually wear down my resolve and rob me of my motivation, like trying to pull a cart of cement while you’re trying to reach for the stars. For me, it was impossible. I would get to a certain point and find like an invisible ceiling that I just could not break through. Family and friends came first, and I would get pulled back down away from my goal. Now that I am free of the need of approval my spirit is light as a feather and the invisible ceiling that shielded me from the stars is dissolving away. At this pivitol point in my life, I envision a ceiling of glass (like a sky light where I can see the stars) and I see it literally melting away. Once again my spirit is right there, ready to go forward and reach the stars. I am choosing this time to go and finally be free to soar…….

11/08/2011 Losing my son changed me in many ways, one of the greatest changes for me is how much negativity and disappointment in other people I can tolerate. The answer is a resounding, NOT MUCH. I can’t bear this loss for the rest of my life and be around people who don’t respect and support me (even if it means to be alone). I’m not that strong.

11/09/2011 I believe music (be it just a simple rhythm or a melody) is the soul-mate that binds humanity. Imagine if there were loud speakers from the heavens and music started to play, kind of like when you step into an elevator, and everyone and all of creation, even all the creatures and animals and plants, stopped to listen to the music (no restrictions, all of creation, everyone and everything). The world-wide pain would ease, even if for just one song, and we would all know each other because we’d all shared this intimate moment. I mean there really is no mistaking the basic connection that occurs between people who don’t otherwise share anything in common.

11/09/2011 For most of my life, only up until a few years ago in fact, my whole world revolved around just one person. This person was the whole world to me, larger than life. Funny, now how the tables have turned for me because of my music and through the internet, now my “whole world” really is the whole world. Now, from this new vantage point, it amazes me how narrow (or maybe innocent) my perspective was. I am also amazed at how much power and authority I entrusted to just one single person in a sea of 7 billion. It really amazes me looking back at this now.

11/10/11 Star light star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish that I wish tonight: Peacefully peaceful peace descend upon the earth & encircle the downtrodden, sad, hurt, & angry; free them from the burden they bear.. let their minds be free…..

11/11/11 All I’ve really ever wanted was to live a peaceful, balanced life. I just couldn’t quite figure how. I mean, you get wrapped up with responsibilities when you are young and you think that you can make things conform to what you need. It just doesn’t work that way though. For me, starting my life over (after my son died three years ago, my divorce, and my kids all old enough to be on their own), co…mplete with a clean fresh slate to work with, I was able to create the life I always wanted, in my thougths, my actions and what I allow in my life. I think I can finally say that all my hard work has brought about the life I always wanted. I am very content with what I have created. It was like designing and building a new house.

11/23/11 Like the ocean tide, life takes and gives in a constant fluid motion, tossing us about without anything to grasp except the shifting sand. The key to surviving this unsettling existence is to NOT try and grasp for anything, simply allow the tide to move you without resistence. Yes, the storms will try and force you into panic, which will only cause you to gasp for breath and possibly drown in the tide. The storms will rage around you but you will be safe if you retain the knowledge of not trying to hold on. Like the tide, life will give and take. Rest gently on the sand…….

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Reflections from a women who thinks too much. (1)

  These are my Facebook status posts for 8/20/2011 – 9/20/2011.

8/20 11    I think hurt and anger over a wrongdoing, on a deeper level, is a reflection (whether warranted or not) of the anger, hurt, and guilt we feel inside because we failed to protect ourselves or someone/something that we care about. The ability to be loving and forgiving starts from within.

8/21/11     I’m wondering something. Ok, just for a second let’s all just say that angels are real, I wonder if they can like travel back & watch themselves alive at any point in the physical life they lived. If in fact they could, well then that means that our own “selves” could be watching over us right now, helping to guide us, & protect us. Maybe the intuition we sense within us is really our self, the one that already walked this life. (lol…omg, how do I even think these things?)

8/21/11       Imagine your life completely free of negative people, those who don’t encourage or support you, who belittle youu, who always say “I told you so”, who always remind you, “that’s nothing”, who 2nd guess your motives, who always compare one thing to another & who are never truly happy for you. (Sadly, for some us, that won’t leave a lot of people left.) Question: If you were free of all the negative, would you have the courage, will, & desire to motivate & inspire your own self?

8/23/11     Yes, it’s true that peacefulness is an inner quality, but I ask you, why would anyone who is able to carry their peace within choose to live a life filled w/constant trouble & drama?  Life is filled with ups & downs, but if strife is the everyday norm, then create a peaceful environment to live in (your home base) which compliments the inner peace you feel within or the conflict will constantly be at odds.  It’s like saying that as long as your home base is peaceful you can live with not experiencing inner peace.  The two opposites will directly oppose each other looking to create equilibrium.  

8/26/11      Nothing lasts forever, except memories, & although they may fade w/time from our consciousness they remain a permanent fixture in our “house of life”.  Hopefully, we will take time to review & gain insight into what our lives have meant to ourselves & others. Best to resolve any issues while we’re still breathing, not only for a peaceful afterlife (if you believe in one) but more importantly to just find peace in the here & now. Here’s to gaining insight…….here, here

8/26/11       We can love many people. We can be attracted to many people. However, meeting someone who we can love & are attracted to is rare indeed. It’s such an elusive possibility, so if you do find this, trust me & recognise it as something you may never find again. Cherish, honor, and respect your love w/your heart & soul.

8/26/11       *Newsflash: Nursery rhyme fortells scientific discovery* Scientists have discovered a new planet made up almost entirely of carbon, which is the same physical composition as a diamond. Who knew kindergartners were so smart? Come on, sing along: “Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky……..” Yay, for the diamond planet!!

8/25/11      I spent the day enjoying the 2 things that have filled my life always w/joy,wonder& peace: music & kids. 1) lots of kids @ my house today 2)cooking & cleaning up after kids 3)autographing my new cds & mailing them to those who bought them 4)accepting 30-40 new friend requests on FB 5) watching my YouTube views grow by another 1000 6)practicing singing in my kitchen while tending the kids (because kids or no kids, I need to be ready to record my new song @ the studio on Sat.). My heart is joyful…

9/4/11         If someone doesn’t hold grudges, what is there to forgive in other people? I feel like I am missing something. Life happens and people do all sorts of weird things but at the end of the day it was their choice. How can I hold a grudge against someone for exercising their freedom of choice? And, I may hate the deed, but I can not hate or hold a grudge against a person when I know that all of us carry and are connected by light within. It would be like hating a piece of myself.

9/4/11         Maybe we hold grudges because our pride is hurt, and we can not humble ourselves to the fact that we actually have no control over the actions of others. We don’t have any choice sometimes but to just take whatever life dishes out. But, I say, chin up. Get up and walk tall. Cry tears not for yourself, but for the person who has hurt you because their cruelty is a lack of compassion and a lack of compassion is someone who is not walking in their light. It’s actually very sad.

9/4/11         When the universe aligns pefectly, you just know……..

9/5/11         Life will humble us, taking away our sense that we actually are entitled to anything. Better to remove any expectations that we are the true owners of anything because everything can be lost or gained. Enjoy your talents and abilities whatever they may be for they truly are your gift to the world.

9/5/11         Strive to know & understand your connectedness to all of creation personally, not simply by what you are told or taught.  Step outside of the confines of all that you have learned & seek to know the Truth within your heart. It’s a universal Truth, the same that lies within all of us. Remember, if we all did this, there would be no religion to learn, no books on religion to read, no prophets to follow, a radical idea for all humankind! Imagine, us not being led or guided except by the power of the universal light within?

9/5/11         We are sending out healing light to all of creation constantly, whether we are aware of it or not. There is no disconnect in the flow of this energy, it passes effortlessly through us, around us, and from us, like the ocean or the air. All we need to do is to be aware of what’s actually taking place. Focus on that for a while. It may just change your life….

9/5/11         We can all know the Truth……I can not stress enough that there is nothing we can’t learn about our inner light on our own. The world is full of too many books and religions and all it has done is confused people and pitted them against one another. We can know the Truth….it’s easy if you just allow yourself to know it.

9/5/11         There is no word which can precisely describe the shock and trauma a parent feels at having a child suddenly ripped from his or her life.   

9/5/11         Season changing & leaves have started falling. Is that why it’s called, Fall?  Is Spring maybe called that because it’s when things “spring” to life. Let’s see, Winter & Summer, what is the reason for those names? Anyone have any name suggestions? I propose we rename Summer & Winter. I’ll be sending around a petition for you to sign, sign it even if you’re not in favor; in fact, don’t even bother to read it. I’m wondering who actually is in charge of name changes for the seasons. (lol)

9/8/11        The true power of positive thinking, which comes from being hopeful, is in the day-to-day way we live our lives. … Hopefulness, is a mind set that isn’t dictated by what happens around us or by the people in our lives. And it doesn’t mean that negative things won’t happen. The power of this mind set is it’s ability to shape our perspective, enabling us to manifest our hope into reality.

9/10/11        Although life seems like one long journey, it’s actually a collection of journeys, each distinct in reality, purpose, meaning & time frame. Some will be more pleasing to us than others. For example, I verily enjoy my journey of motherhood, yet I verily dislike my journey as a bereaved parent. Relationships w/others are journeys, so too are reflective, solitary journeys into spiritual awareness. Recognize the journeys you’ve walked & are walking, & see them as branches of your tree of life.

9/10/11        Spirit soars throughout infinity, neither here nor there, without a mission, a goal, or a destination, yet completely at ease hitching a ride on the energy of eternity’s breeze….good Saturday morning, all

9/13/11        We need to be self-determined in our efforts to create the life we desire. We can have people in our lives who we love and trust, but we’re solely responsible for creating the life we want. We need to take the pressure off each other and take responsibility for creating our own life of peace and happiness; only then will we be truly free.

9/17/11        Life is full of crossroads, places when we find we are almost at a standstill, not quite sure which direction to take or how. Life is also about adapting to change and finding meaning through the unexpected twists of fate. Mmmm, finding meaning is not as easy as I thought it once was

9/18/11        There is a difference between being grateful in one’s life (which is to recognise and appreciate value) and finding meaning & having a purpose. You can be grateful for anythng (your children, your job, your relationships, nature, etc) but it doesn’t nesessarily mean that your life has a purpose or a value. We create meaning and purpose in our lives to make us feel valuable. Take away meaning and purpose and all you’re left with is gratefulness.

9/20/11       Pure light energy transcends all reality.  Blessed is the being who is aware of their light & of the light emminating from and through all of creation. It is nothing short of amazing when two such beings find each other and connect spiritually.  However, in order to be aware of the light in others we must first know the light within ourselves. This takes much effort because we have to deconstruct everything we’ve been taught in order to get to the place of purity within. It is there though, deep within us, a place where we once loved ourselves & each other, this is the place where pure light dwells.

9/20/11        The most unselfish work we can do is to know, understand, and love ourselves because this perception influences all our interactions within our environment. For me, this is knowing I’m the bearer of a pure light energy of love & recognising that it exists in me regardless of what I do in my life. There is nothing that I can do as a human being which reduces or adds to this light I carry within. This peaceful awareness never leaves me, I can not separate myself from it no matter what I do. It is always there, as my center. When I look at others I see their humanness, but I also see they are more than this for they too are beareres of this light within.

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Know the infinite

Contemplating infinity.  It truly is a simple concept…it simply means all-encompassing in all directions, like an ocean that just goes on forever.  Unfortunely, our reality from a human standpoint, is finite.  Our perspecitive is one of beginnings and endings, yet this is an illusion based upon a narrow, limited physical view of existence.  We occupy a less than microscopic physical space, so naturally our perspective will be based upon our experiences within this minute realm, where we see things born and die.  We can not “see” the constant motion of energy flowing freely from and through and into the living environment.  Do you know that there is the same volume of water on this planet for the millions of years?  No more, no less.  It doesn’t evaporate and disappear, it evaporates and returns through rain.  We drink it and it also returns as urine.  It is the same with the energy found in all plant and animal life, this is the same energy which began with the conception of all.  We can not add to it or take away from it.  Everything eventually returns to the ground, air, or the ocean and is absorbed once again somehow through other parts of creation, repeated in an infinite cycle.  We, or rather our energy and in fact parts of our DNA, never die, which means that we too carry the DNA and energy of the infinite past of this planet and this universe.  We are the past, the present, and the future, and we will live on forever.   
We are all a part of the whole.  There is no such thing as less than or not enough, these are all illusions from our narrow minded human perspective.  We are all one, we can’t cut ourselves off from each other literally, no matter how hard we try to live separate lives.  We are all one, the good, the bad and the ugly…and none of it matters in the realm of infinity.  Think about it this way, do we care about the life of worms?  No we don’t, because they move at a slow pace (even though it’s not slow to worms).  But if we could step outside of our lives and be huge like the size of mountains, wouldn’t our lives and our complaints seem petty?  Who or what, in the whole of infinity, really cares except us?  Why do we think we our so important?  Because we are an emotional species and full of pride, that’s why. It really doesn’t matter in the scope of infinity if we are even here at all.  Live the life you’ve been given and enjoy it while you can for it will be over in the blink of an eye.  Your energy will once again be absorbed into infinity.                     

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My personal journey of contemplation on the topic of existence.

              I asked myself (and the inner light within me) some challenging questions about existence this past weekend.  I reflected on things such as the afterlife, death, soul, etc.  This is definitely not based on any religious ideas, nor am I claiming it to be a “Truth”, it is just the written reflections and dialog between me and my inner Light.  

                  This is what I learned after I asked specific questions and waited for something to come into my mind.  I then wrote down what came into my mind:

1)  Assuming that our souls are spiritual beings in heaven with God, why would a beautiful spiritual being need or want and agree to come into the physical world?  I keep hearing that it’s because our souls have something to learn or do.  This doesn’t make any sense to me if the spiritual being is already perfect in heaven with God.  This is what I wrote:

                      At some point in time our souls came into being (we were not always spiritual beings in heaven with God).  This would explain why we keep agreeing to come back to learn more.  At some point in time, could even be the beginning of time, we were born physical and our soul was born too.  It may not have been into a human being and it may not have been in this galaxy or universe or time period, but at some point we began our existence by being “born”.   

                        The concept however that we come back to learn because we didn’t learn enough or make the right choices in a pevious lifetime needed a bit of reflection I htought.  Are we really held hostage to the choices and decisions we make in a lifetime, ones which are based upon the knowledge we have at that present time as well as whatever our current circimstances were or are? To me, that sounds eerily similar to the Christian doctrine that states we are all born with the sins of Adam and Eve, our earthly ancestors, and therefore must be “baptised” in order to wash away sins that had nothing to do with us in our lives.    

                         Therefore, I find it hard to accept that we are living a spiritual life many times over.  The “forgiveness” theory which Jesus preached (basically that we are forgiven in this lifetime for our sins) frees us from ever having to “come back again”.   

                     Which brings me now to the concept of “soul”.   I don’t even know where to start with this……all I can do is show the chain of dialog in order for it to make sense.

                           So, no one’s soul is born until some kind of vehicle is created to actually house (or imprison) the soul (be it a body or something else maybe in another dimension that I can not even imagine).  Our souls were probably all born at the same time, when everything was created and our souls have been evolving.  But did every soul start out kind of limited in it’s knowledge and evolve along with species on this planet?  I mean there would be no reason why a lizard would need the spiritual capacity to contemplate existence. 

At this point I made this jump in my reflection:

                              Every soul is simply the light of God. It is in everything and as species evolved, so has the soul.  The soul of the universe and all of creation is God.  The God that exists within us existed forever, the the past, present and the future.  God always existed, but we didn’t, but when we came into existence God touched us and instilled in our physical form a piece of Him, which is necessary for life, just a spark, but a piece of Him nonetheless.  So, the turn of events is that we live many lives in all kinds of capacities and ways, and we evolve from other physical vessels which house our spark of God…we could be a spark of God from another dimension landing here in the present form to learn.  At some point God touched something and “I” was born – my soul was born, which is exactly not even “my” soul, it is simply an extension of God.  It’s not “me” or “mine”’s God…..a piece of the “I Am”         

                             Now I make the jump from thinking God is like a person who created everything to knowing Him only as the “I Am”

                               I ask:  Why would my soul need to evolve if it is already a piece of the “I AM”?  It wouldn’t make sense.  The “I Am” doesn’t need to evolve.  Am I to believe that my piece of the “I Am” has been trapesing around the galaxies and decided to just land here on earth inside of me?  and if my soul is just a piece of the “I Am” then It doesn’t take a memory of me with it everywhere…why would it?  The “I Am” knows everything and the “I AM” in me is a collective mind of everything…not just my own past, present, and future. 

                       Which prompts this question:  If the “I Am” knows everything then what is the purpose of It perpetuating (or imprisoning) Itself inside a vessel (form)?   Answer: maybe there is no purpose because the Light of the “I Am” just penetrates all – encompasses all – fills all.  As I tried to grasp this concept, I envisioned a few different possibilities for understanding what this means.  I envisioned the whole universe inside of say, an ocean….the ocean being the “I AM”, or maybe envision it as smoke.  You see,  smoke and the ocean penetrate everything living within it.  The smoke doesn’t actually have to reach out and “touch” anything for it to penetrate the form.  The smoke envelopes the form, lives in it and around it and goes out in all directions from it.  We, at the same time, can not step outside of the “I AM”.   It always exists.  You could also think of air or space…think of the “I Am” as everywhere…..therefore there is no need to purposefully bring anything into existence.  Existence occurs within the “I AM”.  

                       However, unlike water and the air which can be polluted by the forms which inhabit it, the “I Am” can not be polluted or effected by anything that happens within it.  We are not here to learn anything nor are we in need of forgiveness because the “I AM” that lives within us is above and beyond all of that nonsense.  The “I AM” never changes, in fact It doesn’t even “feel” our pain because this is strictly physical and superficial.  Does our pain touch the “I AM”?  NO……Does it change the “I AM”?   NO.  Whatever our humanness does is of no consequence to the “I AM”.  We are born and then we die, but the “I AM” encompasses all        

                       Which leads to the question:  What happens to our soul when we die?  Since the soul is simply the “I Am” within us, then it reasons that when our physical form dies, the “I Am” within us just disperses back to the whole.  If it just disperses back to the whole, then it never really left the whole…our form just ceases to exist.  Therefore the spirit within us is not unque or individual…it IS the “I AM.”  We carry within us a piece of the “I AM.”  Nothing has to “return” anywhere because nothing actually left the “I Am.”  

                       Which leads to this train of thought:  Human beings have added nothing to creation nor to the benefit of the earth.  For example, trees soak up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen (although on that thought, maybe we could say that human beings provide carbon dioxide for plants).  Ok, so we provide something…but really, all we really do is consume and pollute.  There doesn’t seem to be a purpose for us at all other than as a part of the food chain, so it would seem appropriate that we would need a prideful designation, such as “being made in God’s image” to explain why we are even here at all and to make us feel better about the fact that we are not special.  However, there is one quality or ability which is unique only to human beings (and I think we evolved this capacity because we are basically a nasty bunch of creatures)…and it is that we have the ability to know the “I AM” within us on a personal level.  Other creatures have the “I AM” within them too, but only human beings can contemplate and reflect on this concept.  The gift is not that we’ve been given life, nor the fact that the “I AM” dwells within us, the gift is that we get to experience the “I AM” within us.  Those who recognise this in their physical lives, are actually transcending the physical world and connecting with the “I AM”.  No other creature on earth gets this opportunity (well, none that I know of) and then…ever so humbly…we will die.   Maybe that’s really all there is to this life….to make that connection and experience the wonder of the “I AM.”  Sad that most people will never come to connect with the “I AM” within.  In that case, they are living only the physical reality – but does it matter?

                      Does it matter to the “I AM” whether or not we become aware?  No.  It does not matter to the “I AM” because we do not add to or take away from the “I AM.” 

                     Why bother being a aware of the “I AM”?  Because this knowledge is what separates human beings from all others in this reality.  It is an unique ability, meant to be cherished as one would cherish a priceless treasure.  It is meant to be polished and put on display for all the world to see.

                     What exactly is the “I AM”?

                                  I AM NOT A DESTINY.

                                  I AM NOT AN INDIVIDUAL.

                                  I AM NOT A NAME.

                                  I AM NOT LESS THAN.

                                  I AM NOT MORE THAN.

                                  I AM WHAT I AM.

                                  I AM A BEAM OF LIGHT.

                                  I AM YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW.

                                  I AM PURE.

                                  I AM STRENGTH.

                                  I AM INTEGRITY.

                                  I AM DIGNITY.

                                  I AM COMPASSION.

                                  I AM LOGIC.

                                  I AM JUSTICE.

                                  I AM TRUTH.

                                  I AM AN ALL-KNOWING BEAM OF LIGHT.

                                  I AM THE LIGHT.

                                  I AM WHAT I AM.

Be grateful and humbled for the opportunity to know the “I AM” in this lifetime and work diligently and tirelessly for understanding for only in our humanness can we be aware of this duality.  Our humanness allows us to think on our own while being immersed in the “I AM”.  No other creature can do that. 

                                Does our individual life matter? No.  We must be humble to the realization that we live and we die, but the “I AM” in us will go on forever.  Our individuality and importance is an illusion created by a false sense of pride. 

                               Which then brings me, Sharen Wendy Robertson, full circle.  And I ask the question, “If our individual life does not matter and we do not possess a unique soul, and the “I AM” within us just disperses into itself when our physical life ends, then it would reason that our deceased loved ones, their personalities, also cease to exist at the time of their death.  No wonder why we grieve so.  I think it is because we have an innate awareness of the truth, one which tells us that our loved ones are truly gone.  Yet our humanness refuses to let go and we create connections with spirits that simply are not there.  Yet, through our pain we are raised to a new level of connection with the “I AM” allowing us to tap into realms other than our physical reality, and this brings the potential for unlimited possiblites.     

                                Regarding psychics and those who can see, feel and touch things in the spiritual realm.  If a life ceases to exist, then what is it that a psychic “sees”?  I think psychics have the ability to transcend the physicial and connect with the “I AM” therefore they can “be” anywhere the “I AM” is.  I think we all have the ability to transcend the physical, too.           

These are just my own personal views on existence.  I am not asking for approval or disapproval.  I am not saying it is right or it is wrong or absolute.  I am just sharing a part of myself in the hope that others might contemplate what life has meant to them.       



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One month of reflections from a women who thinks too much

7/17/11   It is a strength in humans to find coping strategies, not a weakness, and we create them to help us withstand all that happens in life.  Productive strategies are springboards to growth and finding peace, while others keep us locked in our pain without any hope of finding meaning or purpose in our lives.  Hopefully, we choose productive strategies, ones which will eventually lead us to light once again.   

 7/18/11   Let peacefulness be your rock, your foundation, and keep it in focus as a clear destination of where you want to be throughout life’s challenges.  I can once again walk in the light, but I’ve worked very hard to bring myself out of the depths of despair.  I focus on being peaceful. 

7/21/11     “In one sweeping instant my son’s death cut my soul to the core with a wound so deep I saw the rippling effects on me throughout eternity. I was blinded by profound torment and despair. However (and unknown to me at the time), the loss also shattered my defenses and allowed my exposed, humbled soul to flow vulnerable, pure, and spiritual. From out of the depths of my sorrow my soul was freed and the world welcomed me with open arms.” thank u world…swr PeLoJo (peace, love, joy)

7/22/11     It’s tough not to hate sometimes. However, I can only say this, that I see and believe that everything in creation is connected and that our beings are pure, spiritual light energy.  If you only see light eminating from the soul of creation and everything is actually one you don’t hate anything, how can you? It would be like hating your own self. You can be distgusted and hurt, sometimes angry and sad, but not hateful.

7/22/11     I met my ex when I was 14 years old.  No one gets married thinking it won’t last a lifetime and no one has children thinking they will die before we do…but it’s all a part of those loving chances we take in life.  I think loss and the grief we experience because of it, be it the death of a marriage or a person, has an intensity which reflects the love that once flourished.  Accepting the loss and allowing the light of love to shine again can be a monumental mountain to climb.       

7/22/11    Although we can find peace, comfort, and solace in spirituality and religion, throughout history differing views on these has also brought dissent, disaggreement, hurt and pain among people. We must be mindful of how easily we can fall into this mode.  We must love each other first and be here for the benefit of each other, and hopefully if we are all here for the benefit of others we will be benefitted in return.  

7/23/11    I think our children who have died remain our future whether they are physically here or not. We will never forget them, and we will go on to hopefully lead productive lives dedicated to them. They still “breath” on earth through us and their heart beats in time with ours…..until we close our eyes and take our final breath, at which time we will awaken from the years of grieving to be reunited with our babies (and of course, they are all babies no matter what age they got their angel wings). 

7/24/11     My son, Carmen, will be gone three years on 8/7/08. I was niave and innocent before that day. It never crossed my mind that I could possibily lose a child. Imagine that, I smugly thought it was like an STD and thought it only happened to “other” people, as if it were something they caught. I wonder if that’s how people view me now. I am wiser now with a much more realistic, humble view of the world around me and a more open one to the world I can not see.

7/24/11     Another lovely day is setting with the sun…..I’d make a wish to prolong this day if I could, but I won’t because I’d run the risk of also having to prolong the ones that weren’t so lovely. No thanks….I’ll just cherish these ones as fleeting little miracles meant for me to enjoy for the moment and then “poof”……time to make room for the potential of another lovely day tomorrow.

7/26/11     The path of being true to yourself is not straight, w/out corners & bumps in the road. It has mountains, valleys, rain, sleet, tornadoes & hurricanes, but it also has sunshine, warm breezes, morning dew, blues skies,meandering streams, etc. You can walk this path backward, doing cartwheels, crawling, running, skipping, dragging, it doesn’t matter because it’s all about staying on YOUR path, not about how you walk it.

7/26/11     Even though our children are in heaven, we must continue to live, not just exist, but to actually find meaning and light once again. We must strive and push, claw and demand our way back from the ashes to create a new life, even though all we want is the old one. (miss you son)

7/26/11     Finding myself:   In three years, I lost my son (so that life ended) my marriage of 36 years (so that life ended) my other kids were old enough and moved out of the house (that life ended) my job of 25 years, my home which I designed and built, and my dad and step-dad. Everything that I identified with for most of my life ended. I don’t even know who I am anymore….. but you know, whoever I am I like myself more than I ever have in my life because I’ve molded myself from the ashes… I don’t have anything negative around me anymore. I’m free…..

7/27/11      I am the keeper and owner of my existence therefore I would rather mold my life to accomodate what I can handle, than to numb my mind to accomodate a life that I need to change. Cherish your life in all ways.

7/29/11     I wrote: “I am the keeper and owner of my existence therefore I’d rather mold my life to accomodate what I can handle, than to numb my mind to accomodate a life that I need to change.” I’d add that we have little or no control over many things (like in my case the loss of a child or a devastating divorce) but our power remains to change our world (if only from within) to accomodate what we can handle.

7/29/11     Regardless of the pain,oftentimes we are better off alone when trying to process loss and hurt. This gives us the space we need to think & learn & grow from what has happened & become stronger & more resilient in the process. Some of us, understandably so, are so focused on easing the pain they spend very little time alone,sadly foregoing the spiritual and emotional growth which can be gained from the experience.

8/1/11     As heartbreaking as it is to imagine and accept, the life we had while our children were alive is gone.  Grieve the life, the loss of ourselves and our children, but also know that somewhere deep inside all of us is a stubborn, tenacious desire to survive and to live; otherwise we (absolutely including myself here too) would take our own lives.  There is a reason why we don’t and it is in all of us, whether or not we have other children or grandchildren, regardless of religion, regardless of how strong the desire is to die…we don’t.  You see, we have a hardwired, biological survival instinct that keeps us from taking our own life (although illness may interfere with this instinct).  If the instinct keeps us alive (and most of us will live out our lives till we are called home naturally)… some point it really comes down to choosing how we will live out the rest of our lives.   We carry the loss throughout our lives, but there will be joy and love once again if we allow it to come back into our lives.   I never could have written this three years ago when I lost my son……..i wanted only to die and go and be with him.  I am learning how to live again though.  I say this just to show that there is hope for peace in your life, even while carrying this devastating loss.     

8/3/11         Life always has it’s own plan for us, & we’re really just along for the ride. “Ha ha,” life says, “I’m changing things whenever I feel like it. Hold on, quick corner coming up. A oh, sorry I know it looked like we were turning right, but we’re turning left instead. Oh well, sorry ’bout that. Hang on and roll with it, baby.”

8/4/11        My son’s 3 yr anniversary is coming up on Sunday. I have been thinking so much about his accident and having lots of Post Traumatic Stress. I keep seeing images of his car accident over and over again and of the car hitting the tree and it catches me off guard and I lose my breath.  I also usually see me grieving upon learning the horrible news, slumped over, legs buckled, sobbing so hard I couldn’t breath.  Well, I had a wonderful image come into my mind recently.  It was of me grieving three years ago…yes, slumped over, legs buckled, unable to stop crying but this time I saw my son in all his angelic form with wings leaning over me and supporting me, arms wrapped around me…holding me up so I didn’t completely slip away and die. Now I have this “image” cemented in my brain as if it is real and as it gets closer to Sunday, I will have this gift from my son to remind me why I am still here at all.

8/5/11       I will die again on Sunday at 5:15 pm……this will be the third anniversary of mine and my son’s death.  Yes, we both died that day.  The positive person left behind to walk my life in between the holidays and anniversaries and birthdays doesn’t even resemble this person who is presently awaiting a disasterous car accident…..this person who is begging life to please change the outcome and tell my son to just come home….please.  don’t let him die again, and again, and again…over and over again

8/7/11        If you asked me 20 years ago, “How did you know that, Sharen?” I would have smiled, winked & said, “I know everything.” Imagine, it took me 30 years to think I knew everything & then another 20 years to learn that I don’t. How the heck did I go from knowing “everything” to knowing “nothing”? Mmmmm, a smart person who knows nothing……that would be me

8/7/11     Trust yourself: be an open book and the pages will write themselves

8/8/11      In my quiet times, when my mind is still, I will choose to dwell where the light shines brightest. In my dark turbulant times, when I am rocked and tossed about, when nothing is quiet and nothing is still, my resolve weak, the brightest light still dwells in me.

8/8/11      Awareness always transcends conscious thought, so stop thinking about transcending conscious thought; just close your eyes, silly….you’re already there.    PeLoJo (peace, love, joy)

8/15/11     Wishing that you will find peace in what or where ever your journey leads you …but remember to bring peace to that journey too by walking your path confidently (don’t take things too personally).  Know your truth and show the world who you are in how you live your life.  Your actions will define you.

8/19/11    It is difficult for me to trust someone’s sincerity when they “beg” for forgiveness after they get caught or when they are prompted to do so for some reason outside of themselves. I think true integrity occurs when people are prompted from within to confess and apologize.

8/20/11     Although we are shaped and influenced by what happens to us, we are not defined or imprisoned or freed by it………period.  We are so much more than what the world can do to us or give us or take away.  Choose to think big thoughts because narrow minded thinking will only get you narrow minded results (unless of course you are happy with narrow minded results, then more power to you.)  

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It’s about the message

    I wrote this story back in 1994, a time in my life of much spiritual soul searching.  As I analyzed and questioned all that I’d been taught and learned in my life about religion and spirituality the notion came to me that I should be free to create my own explanation of God and destiny, love and hate, human behavior, etc., etc.  Although 16 years have passed since I wrote this, it still holds (what I consider, anyway) some unique and interesting explanations on life.   I consider it to be just a story, please don’t be offended.  Think about the message……………..which is LOVE.                                        

Sharen Wendy Robertson




     Long, long ago, before God created the universe, He lived with all of His angels in Heaven.  God thought His angels were very special and loved all of them the same.  Each angel was empowered with a unique talent: some angels could sing, some could write poetry, some could draw, and some angels could think big thoughts.  Yet, there was one angel who was especially close to God.  He called her Reena Shi.  Sometimes Reena Shi would sit for hours and days (well, for a long time because they don’t really keep track of time in Heaven) on the front steps of God’s throne and watch as He inspired the universe into existence. 

     This was not an easy task, even for God, so once a month He summoned a meeting with His staff of angels who could think big thoughts.  They met at the Palace of Heavenly Thought.  It was by far one of the most beautiful buildings in Heaven. The Palace was made of clear, blue crystal.  There was no need for doors because the beings could pass right through the crystal.  The steps up to the Palace were magnificent: sculpted silver with diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, and sparkling stardust waterfalls on each side of the steps.  Worker angels lovingly polished the stones, while maintenance angels kept watch over the stardust.  The roof was open to the sky so the light of the sun always shown down from above.  God‘s conference chamber was on the first floor.  The meetings usually lasted a long time, and Reena Shi always included herself because she wanted to be near God. 

     In those early days of creation there was so much work to do, like where to put this star and where to put that planet.  Creating a new universe isn’t as easy as you might think, the dimensions must be absolutely perfect so that everything has enough room to grow or else things will bump into each other.  This was such important work in fact that God commanded his angels to be very precise. 

    “When you design this new universe make sure it is perfectly balanced,” said God. “Everything


must have enough room to grow.”


     Reena Shi watched God create.  The matters of the earth, like the flowers, trees, and animals all listened carefully to their instructions from God.  He was like a conductor of an orchestra, his hand would go up and all things would know what to do.  The flowers would open.  The clouds would rain.  The sun would shine.  The moon would glow.  Babies would be born, and people would die.        

     From out of all that God had created He loved the earth the most.  In the beginning, God had loved everything the same, but the earth was the only planet that had listened to Him.  All the other planets were once as alive as the earth, but they became very stubborn and thought they didn’t need God.  Like Mars and Pluto and Saturn, they were once filled with plants and people just like the earth.  Sadly, they began to think they didn’t need God and when He tried to whisper to them they wouldn’t listen.  This stubbornness upset the balance God had worked so hard to create.  He kept trying to whisper instructions to all those planets:

     “Please, just love each other,” God said softly.  They all ignored this tiny, simple command.

     Life on those planets existed for awhile without God, but without love to balance the meanness, all the animals and insects and people hated each other.  Soon the flowers wouldn’t open because they were jealous that the birds could fly, and the sun stopped shining because he didn’t want the moon in his sky anymore.  Then, little by little, everything on those other planets slowly died off.  It got very, very cold until everything…………just…………….froze. 

     There wasn’t anything God could do except to try and not think about all He had lost.  Instead, He thought about something very wonderful. 

“Thank goodness,” He sighed, “I still have the earth.”

     God turned away from the cold, lifeless space.  Looking down from His throne He could see the earth: healthy, vibrant, and colorful.  God gazed lovingly at the blue skies, green forests, golden fields, orange sunsets, red sunrises, gray clouds, and the silver moon.  Even when He was busy doing God-work He still kept a loving, watchful eye on his favorite planet.  Sometimes God would journey around the earth.  His presence was a warm, gentle breeze. 

Reena Shi often traveled with God.  She enjoyed her trips to earth; loved all of it, especially the creatures that God called human beings.  Of all of God’s creations, human beings were His favorite, and He was very protective of them.  With a peaceful thought God would breathe over the earth.  At this, all the animals and plants jumped up and down with joy.  Then everything lit up with a warm, heavenly light only God and the angels could see.  Any living thing with an innocent heart had this light.  It was the most shimmering, sparkling, shining light in the whole universe.  Human beings had the most brilliant light, some so strong that it was visible to God and Reena Shi for miles and miles.  It was especially helpful to those humans whose light was not very bright because to grow stronger all they needed to do was be around someone with a strong light.  Every minute with that person made their light glow brighter and brighter. 

     Sadly, there were some humans who were so far away from the light of others that they were always in darkness.  They didn’t know they were in darkness because only God and the angels could see the light.  They just felt lonely and bored with themselves, and their sadness made them feel cold.  The coldness slowed them down, and they became angry.  God traveled the earth and searched for those humans who were cold.  He tried over and over again to warm them by breathing His spirit on them but they were stubborn.  Their hearts were too cold to love anything, not even themselves.  They just turned the other way until God passed by, pretending not to notice that He was even there at all.  They just got colder and colder until their hearts……….just…….froze.

     God was very sad for these humans.  He looked away from the earth, out into the cold, lifeless universe and cried.  His teardrops were made of pure, blue crystal and each tear was the thought of a cold, yet beautiful human.  Each crystal teardrop was caught by an angel and placed gently in its own glass case.  Every case was outlined with liquid gold and silver.  On the bottom was a golden nameplate where the angels carefully wrote the names of the humans who had died without feeling the light of God.  Reena Shi noticed that God was crying more often and that the overflow of tears was keeping the angels busier than ever catching his teardrops.

     Now, the order in Heaven was this: God loved humans beings and the angels, but unlike the angels, humans were delicate and needed special, gentle care.  So, God assigned an angel to protect every child. 

  “Throughout time,” He commanded, “every human child will receive an angel. The angel will stay with that human for an entire lifetime.  The humans will call this presence “soul.”  You will bring my love with you to earth, and I will call you home when your work on earth is done.”

     The angels smiled and danced because they were happy to please God.

     “Remember,” God said gently, “humans must choose to love each other.  You will experience life and they will experience my love.  As your time on earth is fulfilled, your memory of Heaven will start to come back.  If you and the human become especially close, they will feel what you feel and sense what you know.  But remember, if you reveal yourselves to the humans they will die.”

      There was silence in the great hall where God’s throne was.  A warm wind passed through all the angels and the great hall became thunderous with God’s thoughts. Then God tried to prepare his angels for those humans who would not love.

     “Some of you will be born into humans who will grow cold no matter how hard you try to remind them to love.  When I call you home your only memory of them will be their names.  Each name will then be inscribed on a glass case with a crystal teardrop inside.  Nothing else will be remembered of that human.  For the humans who were warm and loving, all their thoughts and feelings will live on for all eternity in you.”

     Reena Shi sat on the marble steps with her friends.  They all sang a heavenly tune for God.  Soon, it was time for Reena Shi and her friends to leave Heaven.  They were all lifted up and placed in a golden archway.  There they waited suspended in space and time.  They sang again while they waited for God (in a low hum of course so God would not think they were being impatient). 

     “I send you out to the earth as my special messengers,” God finally said.  “You will bring an understanding of love and it will light the world.  This is an important mission because the light has already begun to flicker

on earth and even grow dark in some places.  You must rescue and protect all I have left.”

     Then God summoned Reena Shi to sit near Him.  She gazed upward, eyes closed, and the vision of God filled her mind. 

     “You are my joy,” God whispered.  “I am always with you, watching over you, and loving you.  In a very short time you will not remember me, but do not be afraid because I will remember everything about you every moment of forever.  You are always with me, and I am always listening.”

     “I am not afraid,” she reassured God.  “Even if I can not remember you, I think my love is strong enough to stay with me and keep me warm until you call me to come home.” 

     God moved Reena Shi back with her friends, and then she fell asleep.  When she awoke she was within a small child named Rose.  The child felt Reena Shi’s presence. 

     Time passed slowly on earth.  God missed his companion, and sometimes on his journeys around earth would pass by Rose’s house.  Once, when Rose was four years old, He even paused while she played in her backyard.  His presence filled the yard.  The birds and animals began an excited clatter and the trees bent down to welcome Him.  Rose closed her eyes and turned up toward the warm, bright sun.  From deep within Rose, Reena Shi awoke and turned up toward the sun too.  For that moment, God was the sun and both Reena Shi and Rose were filled with His love. 

     Rose took a deep breath, and Reena Shi felt the warmth of the breath.  Then, as if by magic, their breathing was in perfect harmony with the presence of God.  The moment was calm and peaceful. Rose was overwhelmed with the light and warmth of God’s love, and she began to cry.  The little girl sat alone in the yard; no one heard her cry or came to comfort her.  She rocked back and forth, crying tears that she did not understand.  She lay down on the grass, the tears continued.  Still, no one came to comfort her.  

     God felt compassion for Rose.  She stopped crying and fell asleep on the grass.  At that moment, God lifted her thoughts, and she dreamed of Heaven.  God took Rose above the universe and beyond the stars.  In that same instant, Reena Shi awoke and remembered who she was.  She gazed at God and His love embraced her.  Reena Shi and Rose rested in God’s loving embrace.  An eternity passed, yet when Rose opened her eyes she was still laying on the grass in her yard.  This experience stayed with her throughout her life.  God continued to visit Rose, and she grew up to be a loving, compassionate woman.  God was very pleased with this, and Rose was remembered throughout eternity in Reena Shi.   

     As for the rest of the earth, God continued to watch and hope.  He realized the difficult challenges His angels were facing.  He also knew that the distance between Heaven and Earth was far too wide for even the most loving humans to cross.  So finally God decided, without another moment’s hesitation, to pack up His kingdom and move everything to earth.  This way He could monitor the situation more closely.  As always, Reena Shi, who was now back home in heaven, was by God’s side.  Thank goodness, because when God arrived on Earth neither His angels nor the humans recognized Him.  He realized that in order for things to improve He needed to make Himself known. This proved to be more difficult than He thought it would be. 

     “How can I show my loving nature?” said God.  “Humans are suspicious and fearful.  Maybe I stayed away too long.”

     He thought and thought.  Finally, He had an idea. 

     “I will answer them when they call.  I will answer them loudly so they can hear me.  I will also call out to them.  I will call them loudly so they can hear me.”

     The wind began to blow boldly from the four corners of the earth.  The sun danced merrily with the moon in the sky.  The birds perched on the backs of other creatures and rode peacefully without being bothered.  The oceans calmed themselves and the air around the earth smelled of sweet, fragrant roses.  Everything in nature cooperated as if to say:   “Listen up humans!  God has not forgotten you.  This is His nature and He is revealing it to you.” 

    With a sense of wonder and curiosity, humans from all walks of life, all races and nationalities, turned from their busy, lonely lives, closed their eyes and felt the safe embrace of their loving God.  All at once everything on earth heard His voice.  The whole of creation glowed brilliantly with a light not seen by God since the beginning of time.  Then, in all His glory and joy, He cried.  Reena Shi sat down beside God and cried too.  At that moment the earth became a beacon of light and warmth to the rest of the universe.  God reached out generously and lightly touched the planets around the earth.  They were still frozen, yet somewhere deep within the ice and cold a tingle of thaw began.  The loving light from the earth was being absorbed in the universe.  Everything was peaceful.  God smiled, and then He and Reena Shi rested with the earth.               


                    The End        


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Global madness: what’s wrong here?

     I am prompted to write today due to the catastrophy occuring in the Gulf of Mexico.  For me, this prolonged spewing of oil in such a delicate part of the world is cause for reflection.  Watching this horror unfold over the past several months has made me even more aware and sensitive to all the bad things taking place in the world.  I mean really, if you want to think about it (not that anyone really wants to), but what about global warming, and acid rain, cruelty to animals, and destruction of the rain forest, and human trafficing, and drug and alcohol addiction, and child abuse and domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect, greed, lonliness even though we’re all “connected”, illiteracy, hunger, sickness, disparate wealth, etc.  I mean, the list could go on and on and on and on.
    It really makes me wonder what is driving this madness.  Why are people hurting each other and the beautiful world we live in.  Why?  Why don’t people care?  I wonder, is it drugs?  Maybe so many people are medicated they can’t think rationally.  Are they medicated with the high of greed and lust?  What is it and how come we can’t pull ourselves out of it?  Our species is completely out of control. 
     As I sit here analyzing, I think I may have the answer!  Since we have so efficiently removed ourselves from the food chain, we have been given free reign to completely take over the planet.  I suppose the same thing would happen if any species were allowed to overpopulate the planet.  It would be disastrous for all other living creatures.  That species would consume the planet until everything was either used up or ruined.  The balance of nature is gone forever now because we have the ability to ensure our own survival.  On top of that, I don’t think there is a such thing anymore as the “balance of nature” because we’ve tipped the scale in our favor so that nature doesn’t rule the planet, we do.  Oh, nature can still create havoc on earth, but we seem to have become dictators and overpowered the survival of most living organisms on earth.     
     There is nothing odd with what we’ve done here, the purpose of all organisms is to survive.  We have a survival instinct embedded within our genes, just like bacteria and lions and flies, which dictates our drive to ensure the survival of our species.  But, the survival instinct in us is not for our species, it is for ourselves, which is to consume and consume, and to get, while the getting is good because this will ensure the survival of my particular gene which naturally is the best gene and if I don’t perpetuate my gene, then my gene will die out.  Not my species, but my gene.  That is why we not only trample the environment, we trample each other.   Still embedded in us is the notion of survival of the fittest and we will trample anything that doesn’t support our sovereignty.
The human family does not operate as a group, like an ant colony or a bee hive, we operate independently and for the most part without regard for how our actions effect other human beings; or anything else for that matter. 
         So I think the question now is, “How do we get each other to see each other as part of the same family?”  Instead of only seeing each other and the environment as something to overpower in our quest for the survival of our genes.  I don’t have an answer.  I wish I did.  I don’t think there really is any turning back from this because even if some of us have the decency to step back and learn once again to appreciate and respect things, there is another person just dying to step in our shoes and get his share of the “good life.”  Just like the environment and weak races of people, we’ll just get trampled, too.  And what good is that?  It will take the strong amongst us to ensure the survival of our world.  We need something to bring us together as one unified mind-set.  Who knows, maybe one simple word will do; maybe this word,  PELOJO (Peace/Love/Joy), will do.  (Hey, atleast I’m trying.)     
Pelojo to you all.  

Funny, I just remembered a poem I wrote when I was 11 years old (that was way back in 1971).  I think I wrote it because the Vietnam War was on the news every night and watching it saddened me.  I think my poem, although written by a child, says everything we need to know. 
Rock Me Oh Lord

Rock me oh Lord,
Till the day that I die,
And tell me why,
The people must cry.
And tell me why,
I have such dreams,
That the sun won’t shine,
And the sky won’t gleam.
I guess it’s because,
We have done ourselves in,
To a life full of hate,
And a life full of sin.
But we could change things,
If we wanted to,
And live in a world,
Which is precious and new. 


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