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Love Of the Sea


Like most of us, I, too, love the ocean. It entices and hypnotizes me. I love the great expanse of it, the openness, it’s power, beauty, the natural freedom, etc.

I spend a lot of my free time walking or sitting or driving near the ocean and this is where I do most of my writing and thinking. I recently wrote this poem to express my love of the ocean.
Hopefully, it will also express your love in some way, as well.

Love Of the Sea

The ocean calls out my name,
My soul is captured in its refrain.

I hear the call tempting me away,
Forget my cares and worries today.

I’m powerless, yet, it is all I desire,
My soul overflows, my spirit’s on fire.

There it is flowing, ocean and tide,
Majestic expanse, an infinite ride.

Like the water, I’m ageless,
Moving time stands still,
The waves and sun hypnotize my will.

Yesterday fades and tomorrow melts,
This moment is all I’ve ever felt.

Forever floating on waves of blue,
One with the ocean, ancient wisdom is new.

Foamy waves and sand and shell,
Create a dreamy, glittering spell.

This is my soulmate for eons untold,
Forever entranced, it is all that I know.

Mighty waves crash, set my spirit free,
Without any doubt I’m in love with the sea.


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Why Don’t We Value the Cycle of Life?

Do you know that the same volume of water is on this planet that has
been here for millions and millions of years? No more, no less. It
doesn’t just disappear through evaporation or by being consumed, no, it
always returns to the earth either through precipitation or through some
other recycled form, including urine. This is also true for the
physical energy found in all plant and animal life. Energy recycles
itself. All living things, including us, eventually return to the
ground, air, or the ocean and are absorbed once again somehow into other
parts of creation, the pattern repeated in an infinite cycle. Our place
within the cycle of life is not unique, our physical bodies are always
recycled, which naturally also includes our DNA. Of course this means
that we also carry within our DNA the energy of the infinite past of
this planet and of this universe. We are, and we share with creation,
the past, the present, and the future, and we will live on physically
forever because of this never-ending cycle.

Comprehending this as an infinitely renewing cycle is actually quite
simple, for infinity is defined simply as being without boundaries, void
of beginnings or endings. Unfortunately, our ability to comprehend and
conceptualize infinity can only be achieved within the context of our
limited human perspective, which is of a finite nature. Our perspective
is one of physical beginnings and endings. In the universe, we occupy an
infinitesimal and inconsequential physical space, so naturally our
perspective will be based upon our experiences within this minute realm
where we see things are born and then die. Furthermore, since we cannot
actually “see” the constant motion of energy flowing freely from,
through, and into the living environment, it is difficult for us to
really appreciate the unwavering fact that in one way or another we will
live on forever through the process of rebirth right here on earth.

We are all a part of the whole. There is no such thing as less than or
more than. We are, in fact, one creation, from the lowliest earth worm
to the noblest king, from one blade of grass to the tallest Redwood
tree. I ask myself honestly how my existence could possibly be
considered more valuable in the realm of creation than say an earthworm
is, when in the end both the worm and I are simply and equally recycled
back into creation. In all truth and fairness, worms are actually more
valuable than I ever could be because they aerate the soil, unlike me
who does absolutely nothing to improve the planet. There is even a
strong likelihood that at some point part of me will actually be
consumed by an earthworm. Nothing that lives, escapes being recycled,
and regardless of the strength of our character or of the good or bad
qualities that may define us, the bottom line is that we are simply a
part of the infinite process of this recycling of life.

Keeping in mind that we are a part of the whole, it reasons that it
would be physically impossible for us to cut ourselves off literally
from each other or from other parts of creation. No matter how much we
may desire or for some reason find ourselves living alone, the fact
remains that we are forever part of an intricate web of numerous
eco-systems recycling infinitely to create one dynamic living biosphere.
For some troubling reason we somehow consider our physical selves to be
more valuable than anything else in creation, when seriously, who or
what in the whole of this infinite cycle really cares about us or about
what happens in our lives except us, and oh yes, maybe a few others in
our immediate circle?

I think we take this lofty view of ourselves based upon our feelings
of inadequacy, pride, and selfishness. How else can we explain or define
the human need to dominate the world and every living thing upon it? In
addition, and as if world domination weren’t enough, we also exhibit
very little regard or responsibility to care for what we do dominate. If
it were true that we comprehended and accepted ourselves as simply one
part of this infinite cycle of life, we would never hurt or destroy
anything around us. We would recognize our less-than unique place within
this complex system of renewal and rebirth and seek to ensure that the
delicate balance is maintained and cherished. Most of us are guilty, in
one way or another, of taking some advantage of the bounty we find in

I suppose the real issue is whether or not we can accept the fact that
our value on this planet (since we are no longer a part of the food
chain) is basically found in how the environment can recycle us for the
benefit of the rest of creation after we die? This awareness and
knowledge, that our lives contribute to the maintenance and in turn very
existence of all of creation and that we will live on forever through
an infinite cycle of rebirth, is the key to our own immortality. Whether
or not we want to live forever does nothing to diminish or influence
the fact that we are included in the cycle of life. This undeniable
truth, that we are a part of in an infinitely reoccurring process of
rebirth and
renewal, is one we should recognize and be grateful to be included in.

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The BP oil spill disaster will be remembered.


               I wrote a song about the BP oil spill disaster called GIVE US BACK, in June 2010, which was about three weeks after the oil rig exploded. The oil was spewing out into the Gulf of Mexico while repeated attempts to cap the well failed. My song expressed the shock, anger, frustration, and sadness I was feeling over the heart-breaking event taking place in the Gulf, affecting so many and so much. Naturally, I assumed that an event this tragic and horrific would live on in the collective memory of us all, young and old. However, this was only an assumption on my part until it was reinforced
when I was recently contacted by an 8th grade student named Corey from the Brandywine Springs School in Wilmington, Deleware. He was inquiring about my song because of a school assigment he was asked to research and write. Here is what Corey wrote to me:
            “Dear Ms. Robertson,
             I am in 8th grade and my project is to find a song that was
             written about an event in history during my life time. I chose
            this song because I love animals and was saddend when this
            tragic event happened.  And thanks again for your time.
            Corey K.”

              I wrote back to Corey letting him know I would be honored if he used my song for his report. He wrote back several months later letting me know that he’d gotten an “A” and thanking me and sharing a copy of his report with me. I love the report, of course, but even more than that, I am impressed with the fact that this event will live on through this younger generation, possibly helping to prevent another such disaster. I am proud of Corey, and asked for his permission to share his report, which he was happy to give to me. Thank you, Corey! Keep up the good work and also your interest and compassion in what is happening in the environment and in the world around you.


Sharen Wendy Robertson (c) 2010

   Corey K.
Period 2

Decemeber 16, 2011

Give Us Back lyrics written in 2010

Songwriter Sharen Wendy Robertson

Hey BP, what do you know,
You’re making lots of money
You’re making lots of dough.
But when the oil started spewing,
The flames reached the sky,
All the money in the world,
Could not ease their desperate cry.

Give us back, Our ocean’s blue,
Taken away, From me and you.
Give us back, The salty air,
Without the smell, now, Of oil and tears.

Was it worth it, BP,
Was your profit worth the cost,
You didn’t have a plan in place,
Protecting what we’ve lost!
The men who died, the wildlife,
the habitat and more,
The livelihood of fishermen,
Our beaches and our shores.

Give us back, our ocean’s blue,
Taken away, from me and you.
Give us back, the salty air,
Without the smell, now,
Of oil and tears.

            Sharen Wendy Robertson recently decided to write and sing music after the death of her son in 2008. She grew up in Boston MA and currently lives in Cape Cod. She has had many jobs like: “a middle school teacher, construction business, worked as a reporter for local newspapers, operated a home day care, was a waitress, a bookkeeper, founded a non-profit literacy program for children called The Story Train, created and hosted cable television show for children, volunteered endlessly at her children’s schools, received her BA at age 39 and her master’s degree in education from Harvard at age 40.”

                 This song was written about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This tragic event happened in 2010 when the BP oil rig exploded. This caused a ton of oil to flow into the Gulf of Mexico. Because of the oil spill over 1,000 animals died and many ecosystems became messed up. This was the largest oil spill in American history. Some workers lost their lives when the oil rig exploded. Many people were angry at BP for letting this event happen and many people helped volunteer to clean up beaches, birds, and other ecosystems harmed by the spill.
feel this song fits the criteria because it is talking about a major social event in history. This song project asks for a song that expresses the writer’s emotions toward the historical event and I believe my song does that. Also my song was written during my life time. I think this song fit the criteria perfectly.

                    I emailed Sharen Wendy Robertson these questions and here is what she wrote back. 1)  What the lyricist said he/she hoped to accomplish or what you thought they accomplished? The only thing I wanted to accomplish when I wrote this song was to express my anger, frustration, and sadness over the oil spill and let it be known to BP. I remember when the oil rig exploded, and then the oil started spilling into the Gulf of Mexico and the scientists kept saying they were just about to have it fixed and yet another day would go by and more of what we loved was destroyed. So, about three weeks into the oil spill while out taking my walk along the ocean on Cape Cod, I stopped at a little coffee shop and started writing, I wrote the whole song in about 20 minutes on a paper napkin (I still have the napkin). I just wanted to express myself in the song. 2) Why you like this song? I really liked the song because I feel like I accomplished what I wanted to do, which was to express the depth of my anger, frustration, and sadness. 3) What does it say to you? The song tells me that we all share in the sadness, anger and frustration. The name of the song, Give Us Back, means that their (BP) neglect took something away from us, something they had no right to take. We should all feel violated, and want to say to them, “Hey, how dare you take all the beauty from the ocean. How dare you take something you can not give back.” 4) What do you want others to take away from this song? I just want others to remember how sad this whole event was. I want those in charge to understand that they took something away that did not belong to them. It belonged to all of us.

               One historical event that happened the same year as the BP oil spill was the Haiti earthquake. It was a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and killed nearly 200,000 people. It also destroyed many homes and left 2,000,000 people homeless and even more in need of medical attention. This tragic event happened on January, 12, 2010. Haiti is a very small and poor country. It is around the size of Maryland and has a population of around 9 million people. Haiti’s capital is port-au-prince and the earthquake destroyed most of that city.

                    In conclusion I feel that this song fits the song project criteria very well. And that this song was written to share the sadness and anger of the BP oil spill. Sharen wendy Robertson was very angry with BP and she wrote this song to tell them that. Also that the BP oil spill was a tragic event that happened in 2010 and ruined many ecosystems killing many animals.

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YouTube video of GIVE US BACK

Give Us Back on iTunes

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Global madness: what’s wrong here?

     I am prompted to write today due to the catastrophy occuring in the Gulf of Mexico.  For me, this prolonged spewing of oil in such a delicate part of the world is cause for reflection.  Watching this horror unfold over the past several months has made me even more aware and sensitive to all the bad things taking place in the world.  I mean really, if you want to think about it (not that anyone really wants to), but what about global warming, and acid rain, cruelty to animals, and destruction of the rain forest, and human trafficing, and drug and alcohol addiction, and child abuse and domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect, greed, lonliness even though we’re all “connected”, illiteracy, hunger, sickness, disparate wealth, etc.  I mean, the list could go on and on and on and on.
    It really makes me wonder what is driving this madness.  Why are people hurting each other and the beautiful world we live in.  Why?  Why don’t people care?  I wonder, is it drugs?  Maybe so many people are medicated they can’t think rationally.  Are they medicated with the high of greed and lust?  What is it and how come we can’t pull ourselves out of it?  Our species is completely out of control. 
     As I sit here analyzing, I think I may have the answer!  Since we have so efficiently removed ourselves from the food chain, we have been given free reign to completely take over the planet.  I suppose the same thing would happen if any species were allowed to overpopulate the planet.  It would be disastrous for all other living creatures.  That species would consume the planet until everything was either used up or ruined.  The balance of nature is gone forever now because we have the ability to ensure our own survival.  On top of that, I don’t think there is a such thing anymore as the “balance of nature” because we’ve tipped the scale in our favor so that nature doesn’t rule the planet, we do.  Oh, nature can still create havoc on earth, but we seem to have become dictators and overpowered the survival of most living organisms on earth.     
     There is nothing odd with what we’ve done here, the purpose of all organisms is to survive.  We have a survival instinct embedded within our genes, just like bacteria and lions and flies, which dictates our drive to ensure the survival of our species.  But, the survival instinct in us is not for our species, it is for ourselves, which is to consume and consume, and to get, while the getting is good because this will ensure the survival of my particular gene which naturally is the best gene and if I don’t perpetuate my gene, then my gene will die out.  Not my species, but my gene.  That is why we not only trample the environment, we trample each other.   Still embedded in us is the notion of survival of the fittest and we will trample anything that doesn’t support our sovereignty.
The human family does not operate as a group, like an ant colony or a bee hive, we operate independently and for the most part without regard for how our actions effect other human beings; or anything else for that matter. 
         So I think the question now is, “How do we get each other to see each other as part of the same family?”  Instead of only seeing each other and the environment as something to overpower in our quest for the survival of our genes.  I don’t have an answer.  I wish I did.  I don’t think there really is any turning back from this because even if some of us have the decency to step back and learn once again to appreciate and respect things, there is another person just dying to step in our shoes and get his share of the “good life.”  Just like the environment and weak races of people, we’ll just get trampled, too.  And what good is that?  It will take the strong amongst us to ensure the survival of our world.  We need something to bring us together as one unified mind-set.  Who knows, maybe one simple word will do; maybe this word,  PELOJO (Peace/Love/Joy), will do.  (Hey, atleast I’m trying.)     
Pelojo to you all.  

Funny, I just remembered a poem I wrote when I was 11 years old (that was way back in 1971).  I think I wrote it because the Vietnam War was on the news every night and watching it saddened me.  I think my poem, although written by a child, says everything we need to know. 
Rock Me Oh Lord

Rock me oh Lord,
Till the day that I die,
And tell me why,
The people must cry.
And tell me why,
I have such dreams,
That the sun won’t shine,
And the sky won’t gleam.
I guess it’s because,
We have done ourselves in,
To a life full of hate,
And a life full of sin.
But we could change things,
If we wanted to,
And live in a world,
Which is precious and new. 


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