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Grieving man pens song for brother

My son, John Cacciatore, is a grieving man.  He lost his younger brother (my youngest child), in a car accident in 2008.  John is a very talented songwriter and musician, and he turned to music to deal with his grief.   He wrote this song, Forever Mine, about three months after his brother died.   It was a very dark, sorrowful time for him.  Music kept him from going over the edge.  He is still a grieving man and misses and thinks about his brother every day.  But, he is married now and has a one year old son (my grandson), who he named Carmen.  As time passes, this grieving man has found peace and love, and happiness.

Nothing can replace or fill the void that was his brother, but John has found happiness in his life with his beautiful family by his side.  I pray you never go through losing a child or a sibling but if you do, look for people who can relate to how you feel.  We are here, in the quiet recesses of society, gently and courageously carrying our loss knowing hopelessly that it is a lifelong journey.   

This is his song for his brother.                                                             

Grieving mother poem Mysterious Sky

Mysterious sky poem

Mysterious sky,

Spirit streaks,

Shrouded sun,

Omen speaks.

Fading love,

Memory breaks,

Lost tomorrows,

Heartfelt aches.

Taken back,

Giving none,

All my loving,

A spirit son.

Whispered name,

Lightly sigh,

Unending search,

Mysterious sky.

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7 Deadly Sins Anthology


My short story, The Toll Free Day, is included in the 7 Deadly Sins Anthology  published by Harvardwood Press. It is presently available on Amazon as an e-book and a paperback.

“Seven Deadly Sins, featuring poets and fiction writers from around the world is a no-holds barred selection of writing on the darker parts of human nature, which we mostly try to repress or at least keep hidden. Our contributors delve into lust and revenge, gluttony and hate with gusto, allowing the reader to vicariously indulge in these sins without any consequences. Harvardwood Press is delighted to launch its imprint with this inaugural collection, with lots more to come.

My original song-Harvardwood Radio


I am very excited to share that my original song, Lost In Love, was accepted to play on Harvardwood Radio!   I’m a singer and a songwriter, and my music expresses the real life issues and topics that affect us all.  Lost In Love expresses the joy at finding true love.

Check out my original song, Lost in Love, on the link.






Christmas Time Blues




The holidays are a tough time for so many people, including myself.  I spend a lot of time thinking about and reminiscing about my son and other people I miss.  I wrote this song to express the longing I feel during this time of year.

My song can be downloaded from iTunes!


My video o Youtube:

 Christmas Time Blues

Woman entrepreneur in the USA



All I can say right now is


Where else in the world can someone (namely me, a woman entrepreneur over 50) still be able to carve out an entrepreneurial existence? Probably only right here, in the good old U.S .of A., that’s where. You see, I’m an entrepreneur but I’ve been looking for a “real” job for the past two months by  sending out tons of resumes for office work with only two, count them, TWO, calls back for interviews.

“Ok, fine. Whatever. I’m not going to take it personal.”

I know I’m qualified and experienced to do a whole host of jobs, including, but not limited to: teacher, office manager, business owner, bookkeeper, and writer.  Regardless of a call back however,


 So, amidst the constant checking on Craigslist and Monster, I’ve also been marketing myself and my unique abilities in the hopes of producing an income.  I thank God for my entrepreneurial mind, my resourcefulness, tenacity, and belief in my abilities because


All three business’ of mine got work.

1) This morning my Story Train educational company got hired by a private school

2) I just got hired to paint a kitchen through my home renovation company, Shwen-o-vations, and

3) I got hired to perform ( ) on an ongoing schedule at an upscale retirement/assisted living facility.

So tell me, where else but in America would I be able to do this? Where else is it still possible for hard work, ingenuity, and some luck, to produce an income? 

I may not be making millions of dollars like you hear about in those rags to riches stories, but I am able to put food on my table and pay my bills, legally and respectfully.

No one told me how to do this.  There isn’t a “motivational guru” cheering me on other than the voice in my own head telling me to believe in myself, my abilities, and to just never, ever give up……ever.

Pictures of flowers in my yard

Pictures of flowers Beautiful bouquet

Pictures of flowers Rhododendrons

Pictures of flowers Purple lilacs

Pictures of flowers Grass

Pictures of flowers


I love Spring!  Its the most glorious time of year.  Everything seems to burst to life.  I love to take pictures of flowers that grow in my yard.

my website


Pictures of nature – ocean and sun

Pictures of nature Sunrise in Quincy, MA


Pictures of nature Sunset in Quincy, MA


Pictures of nature Sunrise in New Bedford, MA


Pictures of nature Sunrise in New Bedford, MA

I spend many of my waking hours taking pictures of nature.  Usually they are of the sky (the sun, moon, clouds, etc.).  I think the pictures of nature speak for themselves and are really just meant to be enjoyed.  Taking them leaves me speechless for the most part.   Other than, the “omg, look at that!” before I snap a picture.