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Welcome to my blog.

My name is Sharen Wendy Robertson.  I’m a mother of three grown children, a published writer, songwriter/singer with three CDs, musician (I play keyboard), philosopher, domestic violence survivor, hold a Master’s degree in Education from Harvard, divorced, independent, nature and animal loving entrepreneur.

My life changed in one brief moment back in 2008, when my 20 year old son died in a car accident.  He was driving by himself, too fast, lost control of his car, hit a tree and was gone.  Lost and broken, I found myself in a life I did not recognize nor understand.  I could not comprehend that my son was gone.  I’d also gone through a divorce hye year before he died, and this loss just furthered the emptiness and feeling lost.  With no where to turn and feeling absolutely alone, I started to reach out to connect in a way I’d never done before.  I started writing songs, produced 3 CDs of music, created a website, started a YouTube channel, joined Facebook, LinkedIn, and anyplace else I could connect to.  I was trying to find a place to land, but I had no identity to build from so I sent branches out in all directions.  What has transpired over the last 8 years is truly miraculous.  All the branches I connected to flourished.  I’m at peace with my life all that I have accomplished and the good work I have done for others.   Like all of us, I evolve and grow through all the ups and downs of life. 

I hope that you will find this blog helpful and interesting.  Please send your questions on the contact form, and I will reply in a timely manner.  Know that I may feature your question anonymously on my blog.


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