Running/jogging- Give it a try

I tried something new this morning instead of my boring, uninspired, not-very-often exercise routine on the treadmill. It was about 4:30 am, and I looked outside and thought, “I should put on my sneakers and try running/jogging outside.”

I really have never done this.  I can walk forever but I’ve never really decided to go to the next level and jog.

I thought, “What the heck,” put on my sneakers and work out clothes and stepped outside.   “Good, it’s barely light out, ” I thought, “No one will see me in case I can’t even run more than a few feet.”  Then I just started trotting along.

Lo and behold there I was actually running.  It stunned me. I really thought I was “too old” to try running.  Yet, there I was chugging along.  I felt so light on my feet. It was so much fun! I ran about a mile (but honestly I had to keep starting and stopping).  Really fun.  I am so inspired and motivated to try this again tomorrow.  I thought to myself, “Omg, I can still run like when I was young. Wow, that’s so cool. I should keep doing this as long as I can.”

Have a good day!