Serving the homeless

I was granted the very great privilege of serving meals to homeless people tonight.  Dear God, there is no greater thing I can do in the universe than to serve! 

Let me tell you how this wonderful opportunity came into my life:

Last Sunday I decided to go to church, which I have not really felt compelled to do since my son died in 2008. This decision is not out of anger at God but rather my inability and insecurity to completely open my heart again.  Well, now that I’m becoming settled in this new town I moved to three years ago and finally found a job (and one I really like), I feel more secure, settled and relaxed.  I decided it was time for me to start going back to church.  I go to the Catholic church but I am open to attending service at just about any church.  I am open to the similarities they offer rather than the differences. 

After mass last Sunday I decided to take a drive along the ocean and came to a little coffee shop and decided I would go in and sit for a little while.  I went in (which I don’t usually like to do on busy Sunday mornings because it is usually filled with couples).  Well, I sat at a table surrounded by tables occupied with couples.  “That’s ok,” I thought, “I can sit here and enjoy the ocean view and have a coffee and a muffin.”  While sitting I turned to my neighbor table and said hello to an older couple.  We struck up a conversation about lots of things.  They told me they were randomly at the little restaurant too.  By the end of their meal we exchanged phone numbers and since we actually lived near each other, we would keep in touch. 

I thought that was such a nice meeting.  I left to drive home and later that day I called my new friend and told her how much I enjoyed meeting her and her husband.  That was when she invited me to join her on Wednesday night when her church fills up a canteen truck with food and clothing and goes out to various city locations to feed the homeless.  I did not need to think twice.  I jumped at this opportunity with an immediate “YES!”  I know from my past volunteering experiences that this is the greatest spiritual thing I can do.  I feel like the universe, by putting this opportunity in my path recognizes I am ready to offer myself again.  I have so much love to give again…it always overflowed to help others but I’ve not felt strong or secure enough in these recent years in my own space to offer much to anyone other than from a distance with my music.  I guess I am in a wonderful place spiritually! 

I close my eyes to go to sleep tonight in my toasty warm bed in my
toasty warm house I will say a pray of thanks for the blessing of being
warm on this cold December night. I will think as I doze off of the
young children I met tonight who accompanied their grown-ups in the dark
to be served a hot meal from a canteen truck in a parking lot. I will
think about their little shivering selves, of us singing Christmas
carols and then of us huddling together to keep warm, of their grateful
little giggles while sipping hot chocolate while never once complaining
about the cold, of their hoods falling off leaving their ears exposed to the wind and of reaching to pull those hoods back up (over and over again), of their wide little eyes full of joy and excitement at being out and receiving food and a smile from people who care.  Kids know, their tender, innocent little hearts know all that is most important in life, that love is what keeps us alive.         
I will remember these children. I am grateful I could
help serve them tonight. 

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