Out with my new guitar!

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Owning this new guitar is such a thrill for me!  I swear it’s a dream come true, but it’s a dream I’d actually forgotten about for most of my life (precisely 42 years) until very recently.  You see, I got a guitar for Christmas when I was 11 years old.  It broke though and I never got to learn how to play.  I’d forgotten about this.  However, I remembered when I decided I needed to learn to play the guitar.  You see, I’m really tired of trying to find musicians who will agree to learn my songs.  No one really wants to invest the time and honestly I don’t blame them.  The songs are mine, and it seems like I’m the only musician who actually cares if anyone else hears them or not.  I’m tired and bored with only being able to sing cover songs when I go to a jam or an open mic when I know my own songs are just as good as the songs I sing that other people have written.  I figured if I learned how to play the guitar I could at least accompany my self when I go out to sing. 

So, last night I did just that.  I took my guitar with me to an open mic.  I haven’t quite mastered anything yet (it’s only been a week) but it felt real good to strum along to what people were playing.  Then I got up and sang a few of my originals a capella.  I didn’t mind that terribly because at least I got a chance to sing my own creations.

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I love learning this new instrument.  It’s so exciting and so much fun, although my fingers really hurt and my brain is having a hard time telling my fingers what to do.  Apparently my brain is set on doing the same things it has always done and here I am at 53 years old making it learn how to play the guitar.  All I can say is, “Good For Me!”  (ha ha brain, I win.) 
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