Chin up

There have been so
many changes in my life over the past five years, from my divorce, losing my son, losing my properties, my savings, my jewelry, losing my pets, my job, my businesses, my dad and step-dad, an empty nest, my health, and moving 7 times. 

I had a good run of like 20 years when my life was
kind of insulated from great loss then, bang….one thing then another
and another, leaving me rather shell-shocked about engaging myself in life again. I’ve learned that it
‘s about taking small steps each year not leaping and boundig which define and cement into place the foundation of a new life.

All these changes make the holidays, well at the very least, different.  I know there are lots and lots of people trying their
best (like I am) to deal with grief and loss through the holidays as well as throughout the year.  Chin up, I say, because today is a new
day. Focus on today (not yesterday, not tomorrow) just today and
everything will be ok.
Lots of love to everyone.

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