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I started writing a new song about two months ago.  I haven’t written or produced one for a whole year because I had to save the money.  I can’t stand writing songs unless I have a way to share them too.  You see, I’ve been a writer my whole life and I have many stories and poems and writings that just sit in a box because I have no way to share them.  I hate that and I refuse to even bother doing that with songs.  Write a song and then let it sit there collecting dust?  No, I’ll wait till I can also produce it and share it with people.  So, I saved enough money to produce a new song.  I even saved enough this time to produce a video to accompany the new son.

I asked myself to think, what if this is the last song I will ever produce in my life (because you never know).  What is the message I want to share?

It was this:
I have found looking back on my life that the only things that really mattered were those that had to do with love (love of family, love or passion for my work, love of an art form, etc.) and thus, my new song was inspired to life. There is a part in the song where I am referencing my son, Carmen (r.i.p). In the video, you can see it at 2:38.  I miss him all the time, but this song is about being grateful and feeling blessed for all the love that comes in and out of our lives. We are never alone and the only thing that truly matters is love, it’s surely love. 

Enjoy this my friends.  Hopefully, you’ll also share this Youtube link with all your friends.
Here is the YOUTUBE song/video link:   new song: IT’S LOVE
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IT’S LOVE (c)2013 Sharen Wendy Robertson

The world is ever changing,
And people come and go,
They bring with them a chance to
Learn and feel and grow.

Each moment has a message
Each message is a part,
Of lessons on our journey,
To know the human heart.

You can take your money and
Take your power too,
Because you can’t buy love
With those two.

For it’s love.
Keeping us alive,
Gives us reasons to survive,
And brings beauty to our eyes.
Yes, it’s love,
Yes, it’s love,
It’s surely love.

Take time to share the moments,
With those you meet each day,
Fill the world with peace and
Love along your way.

Nothing in life,
Matters more,
For love with conquer
Love endures.

It’s love,
Keeping us alive,
Gives us
Reasons to survive
And brings
Beauty to our eyes…

Yes, it’s love
Yes, it’s love
It’s surely love.

Heaven sends us a sign,
Stars can perfectly align
Some stay for just a day
Others never walk away.

For it’s love,
Keeping us alive,
Gives us reasons to survive,
And brings beauty to our eyes.

Yes, it’s love
Yes, it’s love
It’s surely love.
Yes, it’s love
Yes, it’s love
It’s surely love.

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Another new job

I’ve been so busy this past month that I’ve been neglectful of my writing.  I miss writing to you dear reader.  Although I don’t know who you are, there is a counter on the editing program I use for writing and it tells me how many people read my posts (and it’s about a 1000 every week).  So, this morning I have my hot tea ready, and I’ve set aside a chunk of time at my computer to do some writing.  sundaymorning

I had Lyme disease this past summer (in July).  Omg, I haven’t been that sick in a real long time and it took me 2 months to get back on my feet and feel like myself again.  While I was recuperating I was also looking for a new job because the thought of going back to my job at the dept. store when I got better filled me with intense anxiety.  I did not like working there, not because of the people (whom I loved) but it was the pay and the irregular hours, shifts and the pressure to sell that were driving me crazy.  So, while I still had a job I looked for another one.  I found a bookkeeping job immediately, better pay and better hours.  I never went back to the dept. store.  The bookkeeping job was great, at first, but then I quickly learned there was no one to train me in the position of the lady whom I replaced because she retired.  I had about 25 accounts handed to me without an explanation of what each account needed.  I was there 2 months and although I loved the people and I was doing a good job, I realized it was not a good fit for me, stuck in a little room all day in front of a calculator.  I decided to once again look for a job.  I found another job immediately.  That was 3 weeks ago.  This new job is office manager and assistant to the owner of a seafood distribution company.  It’s a great job, and I love it so far.  I love driving to the ocean everyday and beginning my day seeing the sunrise on the water.  barbara ann2

It’s exciting to learn about the fishing industry, which I know absolutely nothing about.  The job is on the wharf.  These big boats come in everyday and unload all this seafood.

I am the only office person, as well as being the only woman there among the fishermen.

This is really a switch from anything I’ve ever done.  I’m happy at this new job!

I think it’s really amazing that I’ve been able to find these two jobs in such a short time.  It must say something good about the economy because all I know is that for the past five years I haven’t been able to find work outside of landscaping for people and painting and home renovations.  It’s been a horrible job market.  And geez, to think that in three months I went from working at a dept. store (hating the hours and the low pay) to getting Lyme disease and being hospitalized for a week and thinking I was going to die to finding a new job and not having to go back to the dept. store to leaving that job and getting hired again at an even better job with better pay and better hours.  I don’t know about you but I think life is so amazing and interesting and exciting.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Sharen Wendy Robertson owns the copyright to all posts on this Blog.