Writing a new song


I’ve been working on a new song these past few weeks.  This is where I sit, next to the keyboard when I am ready to create a melody.  First though I usually write the initial lyrics, although once the melody starts I change those around.  I go back and forth with both, sometimes pacing around my house or even going for a walk when I feel stumped.  Stepping away really helps me through that.

It’s been while, maybe a year, since I’ve written anything musically.  I’ve just been so caught up in trying to earn a living and enjoying my life that time just got away from me.  But also, I hate to write a new song if I don’t have the money to go out and record it because I like to be able to share it.  What good is a new tune if I’m the only one who gets to hear it?   That’s no fun at all.  I record all of my songs with Joe Merrick.  He’s a multi-instrumentalist, as well as being the one who arranges the chords and masters all of my songs.  He has a groovy studio about an hour from me.  I’ve been putting money away all summer to be able to get back in and record a song before the end of the year.  I have studio time booked Oct. 12th.

I’ve made so much progress on this song over the past few days.  I’m not sure what genre it falls into, probably just contemporary, maybe even inspirational, definitely positive and uplifting.  It’s about living life and enjoying the moments that make up life, and making sure to love along the way.  By love I mean of life, of nature, of each other, of everything.  To be someone who appreciates and is filled with and shares Love.  There is so much sadness and pain in the world, I want my new song to remind us of what makes life worth living.

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All That Truly Matters


Looking back on my life with some perspective now, I can say without a doubt that the only things that really mattered were the things that had to do with love. It’s amazing to me that I honestly comprehend this knowledge.  I look back and I think how everything I ever did was for the love of someone or something that I felt passionately about which also had to do with the love of someone or something.  Yes, and sometimes I had to make choices because I also needed to love my own self.  Love propelled me to accomplish everything
I’ve ever done.

Love is the driving life force of the universe; the thread that weaves
together the pieces of existence to form a whole and give it meaning. Without it, nothing is connected.  It is the oneness.

Make no mistake, it is all that matters.

Peace, love and joy to you all.


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The realm of possibility

                           my prayer

wondered today into the realm of possibilities, where hope and truth
merge. I leisurely strolled along while glimpsing the potential
outcomes occurring on uncharted paths. I ventured ever so
thoughtfully (and sometimes naively), yet mindful of the variables which
could intersect and redirect each course. Tempted by the
possibilities, my mind raced with the knowledge that windows of opportunity
are fleeting and can abruptly vanish as quickly as they appear. Even
with the arms of fate extending out to grasp my will, I stayed my chosen
course, which is to move forward and actually blaze a new trail every
single day. All I know is that all things are possible and that events
happen when they will happen, and that timing, perseverance and patience
are key. I dream big dreams yet I methodically move through life as if
it were a game of chess, strategically maneuvering and reassessing my
direction while being at the constant mercy to the winds of change. Is
it any wonder fear grips the soul of some and robs each of the chance to
experience a deep trust that hopefulness is not in vain? I wondered
this today, along with a multitude of other unrelated topics…you see,
this is what a writer does. This is how a writer thinks…we explore
possibilities and ponder.

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Love Of the Sea


Like most of us, I, too, love the ocean. It entices and hypnotizes me. I love the great expanse of it, the openness, it’s power, beauty, the natural freedom, etc.

I spend a lot of my free time walking or sitting or driving near the ocean and this is where I do most of my writing and thinking. I recently wrote this poem to express my love of the ocean.
Hopefully, it will also express your love in some way, as well.

Love Of the Sea

The ocean calls out my name,
My soul is captured in its refrain.

I hear the call tempting me away,
Forget my cares and worries today.

I’m powerless, yet, it is all I desire,
My soul overflows, my spirit’s on fire.

There it is flowing, ocean and tide,
Majestic expanse, an infinite ride.

Like the water, I’m ageless,
Moving time stands still,
The waves and sun hypnotize my will.

Yesterday fades and tomorrow melts,
This moment is all I’ve ever felt.

Forever floating on waves of blue,
One with the ocean, ancient wisdom is new.

Foamy waves and sand and shell,
Create a dreamy, glittering spell.

This is my soulmate for eons untold,
Forever entranced, it is all that I know.

Mighty waves crash, set my spirit free,
Without any doubt I’m in love with the sea.


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Thinking about things…..

                                                  john& I
Dear Reader:
I love writing and sharing here with you, whoever you are.  I contemplate something everyday and this in turn prompts me to write.  I’ve been this way since I was young, beginning with diaries and journals.  I’ve been keeping journals my whole life and continue to do so even now.  Writing helps me clarify my world.  I guess I’m a writer and a philosopher.  Maybe someday I will compile a book but for now I share here.  These are a few of my writings from the past few weeks:

humble in life. We are neither more nor less than anything else in
creation. We are in this life to help other people with the lessons
they need to learn, and people are here to do the same for us. Therefore, we are
all teachers in one way or another, and we are all students. Know your
value to everyone you meet, minus loftiness, and also be humble and open
to the life lessons they will teach you. Be curious, like a
child, learn everything you can and be grateful for all the
opportunities you’re presented with to be a teacher and a student.

2)Now that my children are all grown up and off making lives of their own, I am free of the responsibility of raising a family.  This has opened up a whole new world of freedom for me where I am truly able to live in the present, coming and going and choosing on my own terms.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the days of raising my family but there is a particular time frame to it (or there should be) and they grow up.  Looking back it wasn’t just raising my own children though, I helped to take care of my 6 siblings growing up, I was married when I was 18, I raised four kids, had my day care license for 10 years, worked with probably thousands of children in my literacy business, The Story Train, got my degree, and helped to run a family business, BUT…none of that is very relevant or pressing anymore.  I live such a different life now, one I never ever would have dreamed could be true for me.  Sometimes I wonder how everything could have changed so much, but I’ve gained the wisdom to understand and accept that it is just the natural progression of life.  Things change, nothing ever stays the same.  You know, I never thought about nor would I have been able to comprehend the truth of that saying until now (but then again, why or how would I have known when everything seemed to stay the same for decades and decades and decades).  In this new chapter of my life I have no map, path, or system to follow and each day unfolds in the most magically unexpected way.  It took me a while to get used to living this new life, but wisdom reminds me that this new life will also change at some point.  All I can do is to continue to try and be a good person, keep my chin up, and try and keep myself healthy ad strong.  Since we don’t have control over much else, isn’t that really all any of us can do anyway?
3)Wishing the world a cheery “good morning” from
my kitchen as I sip my cup of tea. Today will be filled with a variety
of occurrences, some positive and some not so positive, just hang in
there (like I do) and keep focused on the knowledge that
you’re doing the very best you can. If by some chance you’re not, well
then I challenge you to get moving on that and stop wasting time. The
world needs the very best from all of us. No slackers allowed.

have a date with Mr. Sandman every night and a date with Gym every
morning (after I kick Mr Sandman out, of course). Don’t worry, they’ll
never meet each other, unless maybe if I am sleepy at the gym then they
might run into each other. That would be something, “Mr. Sandman, meet
Gym.” They wouldn’t like each other much because they both want more of
me. Oh well…what’s a girl to do. I’m trying my best to be fair.

a survivor means you never give up and you figure out a way out of a
problem or dilemma. For me, the downturn in the economy, job loss and a
divorce really knocked me off my feet financially. Trying to figure
out a way to get myself on track has been one of the most difficult
problems for me to solve (for a whole host of reasons). However, I
think I’ve finally found a system this year and
for me it has involved tapping into the multitude of skills I already
possess. It just goes to show you what an industrious person can do with
a little ingenuity, perseverance, and a positive attitude. None of
these are full time, mind you, which is one of the reasons why I am
juggling so many different jobs.
Every week:
Real Estate
Interior painting


Yes, these all bring an honest buck into my house. I am so glad I know
how to do all these jobs, too, because being versatile is the only
reason I have survived.

6)Five years ago this morning I still had four
children in this world: Alfie, Cathy, John, and Carmen. That all
changed by 5:30 pm when we lost Carmen in a car accident. He was 20
years old. It’s been by far the most difficult challenge I‘ve
ever had to push myself through and continues to be so every single
day. But, honestly somehow you do find the strength to go on and I’ve
actually created my best life yet. This morning I was up early and
instead of just sitting around feeling sad I decided to go to the gym
and then take a nice drive along these beautiful country roads of South
Dartmouth and Westport. The serenity is soothing. The tears flow but I
have a sense of peace in my heart….my son is at peace, too, so this
is something we can share.

so crappy and tired yesterday (still weak from getting Lyme last month),
and I was sad about…well, just about everything in my entire life
(lol). Rested on the couch most of the day then lights out by 9:30 pm.
I think it’s so awesome how a day of rest and a good night’s sleep
makes everything better. It really does. Woke up at 4:30 am with a
renewed spirit, ready to tackle the day. I was
thinking that the best way to get stronger from this health problem
might be to start exercising and actually build my physical strength.
I’ve lost like 10 pounds since I got sick, (even though I’m eating ice
cream) and I don’t feel as strong as I was. It seems to me like I’m
just going to fade away, and I don’t like it at all. I think exercising
has to become a priority. Yes, my mind is set on that, and I also think
it’s a much more positive focus than the constant reminder of how
crappy I feel. 6 months from now I’ll be strong and toned and that will
make me feel good. “Go away sickness and being a weakling, you will
not overpower me.”

8)Destiny has a mind of it’s own and works in mysterious ways.

know, I disconnected from cable 5 years ago so I’ve probably saved
myself about $6,000. I smoked for 18 years and quit about 20 years ago
so I probably saved myself, oh I don’t know (2 packs a day) maybe
$40,000. I also don’t drink (well, I haven’t for about 20 years) so I
probably saved myself a lot of money like when I go out dancing or out
to dinner (drinks are expensive). I don’t take drugs
either so I probably saved a lot of money not getting high all these
years. Funny though, even without all those distractions I am one of
the most contented people I know. I can work hard, sit still and watch
the ocean, be spontaneous, love life, sing and dance, take care of
myself and truly be grateful for all that I have. I am just happy I’m
still here (isn’t that really what’s most important) and find that the
sweetness of living is in the awareness of just being.

That’s about it for now!
Love and peace,

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