80 year old woman and her Dodge 500


I had some home repairs to do so the other day I went to Benny’s hardware store.  As I drove into the parking lot I looked over and saw this mint condition Dodge 500
in the parking lot. I said to myself, “Whoa, that’s a really cool car.”
As I was admiring the car, I watched as a little old lady (maybe in her 80’s) pushed
a carriage over to the car, opened the back seat passenger door and put her bags inside.
Then she closed the car door and walked off in another direction. I thought,
“Ummm, must be her grandson’s car or something.”

I turned away, still thinking about what a cool car that was, went into the store, bought what I needed
and come back out to go home. The old Dodge was still parked there, though.  Then, I saw the lady
come over from the bank across the street. She reached for the driver’s side door
handle. I was definitely intrigued, started up my truck and drove over to her.  I didn’t want to alarm her, so I drove over slowly talking to her about what a beautiful car this was.  She was ready to get in the driver’s side. She just smiled at
me. I instinctively said, “You’ve had this car a long time, uh?” She said, “I sure
have. Bought it new, over 40 years.” I smiled at her and said, “Your husband used to
drive this car, uh?” She said, “He sure did.” I said, “Well, you have a
beautiful car and you look beautiful behind the steering wheel.” She
smiled and said, “Thank you.” I drove off and thought how sweet she was
and also that, that was one great car.

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Maybe it’s true, things happen in three’s


     I took a nice drive to the ocean this morning in need of some solitude and peaceful contemplation regarding the events occurring in my life over the past week and a half.  Do you know that saying, “Bad things happen in three’s”?  Well, I think I definitely lived the reality of this saying over the past week and a half.   It’s been a rather unusual week, even for me.

     First of all, my little doggie Giorgio died last week.  He’d been sick with some kind of infection for a couple of weeks.  He died at home with me.  He was 9 yrs old.  This little Maltese, who barely weighed 6 pounds was with me through all the trauma and changes that took place in my life over the past 8 years, including the passing of my son.  Giorgio was actually my son’s doggie and they used to sleep together.  Giorgio was a connection to my son, as long as he was alive that is. 

     Also during this week, the man I’d been dating for the past 7 months told me I was being too emotional the night my dog was dying and that he didn’t want to be around me.  My doggie died peacefully that night.  I dug his grave and buried him in my back yard later the next morning.  I have not heard from my so-called “friend” since then either.

     In addition, I also began to feel like a flu coming on me the same week my doggie was dying and my “friend” was breaking up with me.  The night my dog died I also had the chills so bad and body aches and my hip was so sore I could barely even walk.  This was Wed. the 19th.  By the end of the week, after the ordeal of burying my dog, I checked on Friday and yes, I had a fever of 102.  I’d actually been sick all week but couldn’t pay any attention to my symptoms because I was overwhelmed with the other events taking place in my life.  I felt even worse on Sat. so I went to the ER.  They kept me all day, but then just sent me home telling me I had the flu.  The days passed.  I was getting sicker and sicker, my neck so stiff I couldn’t turn my head.  I called a friend to bring me to the Beth Israel Hospital in Boston (I couldn’t drive myself).  They kept me for four days and diagnosed me with Lyme Disease.  I’ll be on antibiotics now for the next three weeks.  Trying not to be anxious thinking there might be some long term, chronic illness coming upon me.   

    I came back home to my peaceful little house yesterday.  My cat and my chickens were so relieved to see me, and I was so glad to be back.  I love the life I’ve created, it’s just simple and peaceful.  I miss my little doggie though, and I planted an azalea bush on his grave.  I’m not quite sure whether or not my job will be there when I am up to going back to work, but I really don’t have the strength to worry about that right now.  I know that somehow I will be okay and everything will work out.  They always do.    

     Think I’ll write a new song this week, be grateful I am back home, and smile and say my prayers.




Sharen Wendy Robertson owns the copyright to all posts on this Blog.