For grieving parents

I get many, many emails from grieving parents
(especially from mothers) from all over the world who find my videos for my son on Youtube or hear my
music on my website or read my Blog. I got emails today from two grieving mothers, one
from Washington and the other from Texas. They each saw my video for my son on Youtube and wrote to me to share about their loss.
Here is one of my emails:

“Hi Sharen,would you mind if I used your song in a video I made for my
son. His name is————- and he lost his life in a motorcycle
accident in Fl. in 2008. He was 23. I have cried for the last 5 years
and felt so alone, reading your blog and hearing your song (I can’t
believe your gone) has made me realize that I’m not all alone in my
feelings and that someone can understand. Matthew was my only child and I
miss him every single breath I take, when I am able to breath. He was
my oxygen. I always told him, if Matthew dies mommy dies. But some how I
find myself stuck here in a world I don’t understand. This is a whole
new world to me with out my son in it. You have put all my feelings and
thoughts of my son into your song, this is the first time I have been
able to shed tears for anyone besides my own son. I look at the pictures
of your beautiful son and cry for you and him, and my son. I have been
unable to go to any kind of counciling or therapy as I felt that no one
could possibly understand the bond I had with my son. Your blog and song
has made the pain I feel a little more bearable. Thank you for sharing
your story and you music with the world. It has made it a better place.
Best wishes for you. And thanks again.”

Although the pain of
losing my son is always with me, I’m grateful I can be a voice of
empathy and compassion for heartbroken parents. Sadly, I can relate.

Youtube video of my song:


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