We are beacons of pure light.

All that we experience in our lives, every single thing, affords us an opportunity to grow and mature and to open our minds and hearts to the world around us and within us, both seen and unseen. We are granted through our experiences the option of using what we learn to further our ability to empathize with others. Empathy is the ability to comprehend what someone else is going through by having lived through a similar experience. Empathy is not the same as compassion, for compassion is an ability to sympathize and relate without the full benefit of also knowing what it feels like to walk in someone else’s shoes.  To empathize is actually to be able to put yourself “in someone else’s shoes” and feel what they feel.  Empathy and compassion are two different abilities.  You can possess empathy and lack compassion and have compassion yet lack empathy.   Clearly, a person possessing both empathy and compassion is capable of connecting with others on a level of the highest degree humanly possible. 
Therefore, I would say to everyone, be grateful for all that you have experienced and will continue to experience in your life, this includes the difficult trials and tribulations as well as the many blessed joys and triumphs, for these all add to your ability to empathize, which in turn raises your soul connection to the world around you.  These experiences, although humbling, will raise you up spiritually.  They are molding you into your greatest human potential because your greatest human potential is realized by the vastness of your connectedness to the world around you which, in it’s truest form, can only take place through empathy.  The more you can empathize, the more connected you are. 
We are here to experience and learn all we can so we can empathize, which in turn multiplies our ability to bring peace, compassion, understanding and comfort into the world.  We are no less than pure beacons of light.      

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