Contraband eggs for sale (lol)


Okay, so here’s my story:

(Wait…I have to stop laughing……..
okay, I’m ready to write now

I have a job at Macy’s right now.  I am grateful for this job because before I got this job three months ago I was jobless (or unemployed).  I am still looking for a “real” job while working at this job, but like I said, I am grateful because otherwise I wouldn’t even have money for food and the thought of going hungry was what compelled me to take this job at Macy’s.  There are many factors, both economic and personal, which have contributed to my current depressing financial situation, but I am a survivor and will do what it takes to get back on my feet. 

Anyway, last summer while I was desperately searching for a job, I decided I would raise chickens and then I would be assured of a food source with fresh eggs.  I also enjoy taking care of animals.  So, I got eight baby chicks and raised them. 

The months passed and then last November I did get a job as a counter manager for one of the cosmetics lines at Macy’s (like I said, I am grateful yet still looking for a “real” job.)  In the meantime, my chickens began laying eggs last month.  As is usual for me,  I decided that I wanted to share my bounty of fresh eggs with all the new friends I have made in the other cosmetics associates at Macy’s.  So, I started bringing in fresh eggs for everyone.  The associates really like these fresh eggs. 

I told them they could try them and if they liked the eggs, they could buy them from me at $1.50 a half a dozen and $3.00 a dozen.  So, then they started to buy my eggs.  I told my mother and she got all upset, “Sharen, you can not sell eggs at Macy’s!”  she scolded.  I said, “Why not, it’s just my friends.  I don’t like put the eggs out on my counter and sell them to Macy’s customers.”  She said, “No.  No eggs in Macy’s.” 

Gee whiz.  So now, I meet the associates outside Macy’s backdoor.  I drive up in my truck and hand them the eggs through the window and take the stinky $1.50. LOL.  Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, the IRS might be after me or maybe the Dept. of Agriculture.  I can see it now, woman sentenced to 10 years in prison for selling eggs without a permit.  I’ll be branded a “tax evader” and have to wear a big red “T.E.” around my neck. 

I was thinking of getting more chickens because I like the extra money from selling eggs.  I also have a name for this new business venture:  “SHWENDY’S SHWEGGS”  You see, I have “Shwen-o-vations” for my home improvement business and I have “Shwendy and the Lost Boys” for my music, so of course, “Shweggs” for my egg business just seemed to make sense, don’t you agree?

I love my chickens and really enjoy taking care of them.  I even built a chicken coop for them.  They are happy chickens and happy chickens produce delicious eggs.   
Amen, and happy eggs to all. 


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