An admirer


I worked last night in the fragrances dept.
It was a fairly busy all night and this lady came in to sample some
perfumes, and she had a little boy with her. He was about 4 years old.
So, I’m standing near the register waiting for his mom to decide which
perfume she likes, and I notice that he’s staring up at me. I look down,
and he says timidly, “I like your hair.”  It’s almost a whisper, and
I say to him, “What was that little
boy?” and I leaned down to listen. He says, “You have nice hair. You
have a lot of hair. It’s pretty.” I knelt down to be at his eye level.
His mother was standing right there, and she started laughing to herself.  Next, the
boy comes over to me, real close and smells the perfume I have on.  Then he
rolls his eyes, smiles, shakes his head, and steps back.  He was so
cute. His mother is laughing still.  I asked him, “So, young man, how old are
you?” Then, he does the cutest thing, he puffs up his chest and stands on his tippy toes like he
was trying to stretch himself to be bigger than he was. I said, “Well,
my goodness, you’re a big boy, you look like you are maybe 5 or 6 years old.” He smiled then and ran
behind his mother’s leg. He was so cute.

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