“The Giving Tree” on my counter.


Working tonight until 10.  It’s a slow night at my Clarin’s counter.  I put up a picture of my son,
Carmen (r.i.p), at my counter yesterday.  It’s a cute picture, one with him shining his beautiful smile, from when he was in little league. I thought seeing his smile everyday might cheer me up.  So I’m standing
near my counter a little while ago, and my mind starts wondering thinking
about him.  I start to miss him a lot.  Then I hear one of the other
cosmetics counters playing a Whitney Houston CD and
the song “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” came on.  My birthday is Monday,
and I’m thinking it will be a sad birthday again
without him here. I’m
just ab
out to start tearing up, and I walk over to my counter and there on my counter
is a copy of the book “The Giving Tree.”  I have no idea
how it got there or why. My manager says we don’t sell that book here.
I only know that both Carmen and I liked this story.  It’s about a tree
and a little boy who are best friends. The tree would do anything for
the little boy. Then the boy grows up and goes away and the tree is so
sad. The tree gave up everything for the boy but still the boy could not
stay with her. Then in the end they are reunited and the tree is so
happy again. Maybe Carmen left this book for me. I don’t know why else
it was left here on my counter. This is weird.  I asked the other cosmetics counter girls if they knew where the book came from but no one knew. 

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