Every simple blessing


Sometimes I get worried. Sometimes I get
down. Sometimes I can’t see the light. Sometimes I get weary and think
I’ve had just about all I can take. Sometimes I wonder where I will
find the strength to keep on keeping on. At those times, I let my mind
envision hopelessness and I may even let myself wallow in it for a short time, but
it’s at these lowest of times, when I am digging deep in my soul for meaning,
that I am reminded of the simplest things in my life and how precious and
beautiful they are. I realize how much I love seeing the sunset and
sunrise and the ocean, and hearing the birds chirping (like this
morning when it was so cold outside), and the taste of hot tea, and the
smell of a roasting fire, and a vehicle that starts, and sunglasses, and
my children and family, and warm snow boots, etc. The list goes on and
on and on. Nothing else really matters and I don’t really give a sh**
anyways. It’s true, people…that’s what happens when you grow up: You don’t
give a crap! You know you’ll be okay, your eyes are opened and you see
that there is always something to be grateful for.

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