Turn your loss around.


It’s kind of funny but it’s true that you must
enjoy and be positive with whatever you have at any given time because
everything changes. For instance, I loved my life of raising my kids
and of being married. Now, that’s changed and yet I find that I love
having a peaceful life. I loved being a college student but now I love
not having to study. I loved have a business and an office but
now I
to be looking forward to creating and building a new business. I loved
the wonderful animals who have entered and left my life but now I love
my new animals just as much. I loved living in a house that overlooked
the ocean but now I love my new home and bike riding or walking to the

I have been completely in love with the many “lives” I’ve lived
while I am living them. Now, I am in love with a new life, one which does not resemble any of the life (lives) I lived before. The truth is, I create my own perspective of joy and
beauty regardless of what is happening in my life (and oftentimes my life has been incredibly difficult and stressful).

Even about losing my
son, it’s been over four years now and I think I am beginning to gain
some objectivity and recognize how blessed I was to have him in my life
for 20 years. Granted, sometimes I find myself grief-stricken all over
again (especially with the holidays here) but I think my positive
attitude strengthens me and gives me a reason to go on.

I kind of struggled with finding the right way to say what I was feeling
and thinking today. I was thinking this morning that I do love and enjoy my
life, but then I thought to myself that I also loved and enjoyed raising
my kids so much and then I thought of all the different times in my
life that I have loved my life and even though I love this life and try
and make the most of it, things will probably change and then I’ll be
also be loving a completely new life.

I never have to look far for a reason to smile. 

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