Spending time

The term: “Spending time” is interesting. I
wonder who thought of it because we are indeed spending time, each
moment plucked away, each second flittering to the next. We don’t live
forever and so it reasons that we are allotted only a certain amount of
time to use. Our lives can be uniquely distinguished by how we’ve used
our time. So, I was wondering how I’ve spent my “allotment” so far. When
I started to think about my life, this list formed in my mind, but I
determined that I would only attach one label to each point. It’s not
in any particular order & each point could definitely have more than
one way of spending time. What would your list include?

My life (so far) and what time I have spent:
Singer/songwriter (time to perform)
Grieving Parent (time to cry)
Entrepreneur (time to create)
Domestic Violence Survivor (time to stand)
Writer (time to think)
Student (time to study)
Business Woman (time to network)
Teacher (time to share)
Mother (time to love)
Grandmother (time to dote)
Home repair woman (time to build)
Solitude (time to reflect)
Wife (time to compromise)
Daughter (time to listen)
Sister (time to care)
Mistakes (time to learn)

I’m sure there are more points for me besides these. But, nonetheless,
this was an interesting exercise for me. Made me reflect, which is
always good.  Please add your thoughts on what this list should include.

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