My “Bawstin” Accent

My whole family, dating back to the turn of the last century, on both my mother and my father’s side called Boston, MA home.  I did, too, up until the late 60’s when we moved to Quincy.  I always considered Boston my hometown, though.  I created a video called, My Bawstin Accent, and loaded it up to YouTube. 

The Boston accent is unique, lively, and full of character, just like
the people who speak it. I made this video to poke fun at my own Boston accent. This video was
made in fun (like a comedy or a satire) and not meant to insult or
demean anyone or anything. You can also find me on my website,, on Facebook and also Reverbnation. Have a wicked pissa day!

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Here is a link to my video on YouTube:  My Bawstin Accent  on YouTube

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