Lots of friends.


just had a rather inclusive thought:

The world wide web offers us an opportunity to meet a multitude of people on a scale never imagined before.  We can all know or kind of know each
other, and we can also all have friends on here that only we know. For example, I may know
you but I don’t know your friends and vice versa. Well, I was thinking, imagine
if we could somehow all become friends with each other’s friends?   We could learn so much and maybe the knowledge that we are one family
of friends could then shape and influence
the destiny of our world. How exciting a thought is that?!!

I am friends on here (through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) with people whom I have
never met, and these friends come from all walks of life, professions, races, faiths and
religions, genders, educational levels, ages, birth places,
intelligence, etc. yet none of it matters a diddly squat to me. The
only thing that influences my decision to stay friends with someone on
here is whether or not that person treats people with kindness and
respect. My thought is this is how we should operate in the “real” world.

Let bias,
stereotype, racism, intolerance, jealousy, greed, and selfishness be
outdated like a record player and a VCR and a black and white TV (btw,
growing up we didn’t even have one of those until like 1968).  Instead of noting our differences, let’s embrace our similarities. 

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