Applying for a dept. store job.

Times are tough and they’ve been this way for more than a few years.  So many millions of people here and around the world have lost everything and are struggling to survive.  I happen to be one of them.  But, I’m healthy and so aren’t my children and this gives me the only cause I need to be happy.  Rather than sit around wallowing away in self-pity, I choose instead to find joy and humor in the experiences of my life.

Which brings me to sharing this video I created for YouTube describing a job interview I had in a dept. store.  The job only paid minimum wage, but I needed a job and so I took it.  It is definitely an exaggeration to what actually took place, and I am actually extremely grateful that I got the job. 

I am even working at the same dept. store this holiday season, but in cosmetics rather than men’s suits this time around.  Even though this video might seem otherwise, I am grateful to have a job.  My twisted sense of humor is to blame for this folly. 

Please write your comments or share your story with me.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube:  Ivy League graduate


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