Job interview

It is time for me to get out and join the ranks of the employed now that I am feeling stronger since my son and dad died in 2008.  So, I decided I would just apply for a minimum wage job just to get back out in the work force and then I would look for something more suitable for my credentials once I started working.  There is a mall right near where I live and there are several major dept. stores.  I applied to one of them and have already gone through two of the interviews, got hired.  I must say I was taken aback at the requirements for an $8.00 an hour job.  Between the hours and the responsibilities a person wouldn’t even have much time to eat lunch. 

I decided to create a video which lightheartedly and humorously illustrates the frustration I am feeling about looking for a job in a recession.  I enjoyed making this video movie, in fact I have been laughing since I started workng on it yesterday.  I hope you get some laughs from it too.  

 Here is a YouTube link for the video I made.

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