Reflections from a women who thinks too much. (1)

  These are my Facebook status posts for 8/20/2011 – 9/20/2011.

8/20 11    I think hurt and anger over a wrongdoing, on a deeper level, is a reflection (whether warranted or not) of the anger, hurt, and guilt we feel inside because we failed to protect ourselves or someone/something that we care about. The ability to be loving and forgiving starts from within.

8/21/11     I’m wondering something. Ok, just for a second let’s all just say that angels are real, I wonder if they can like travel back & watch themselves alive at any point in the physical life they lived. If in fact they could, well then that means that our own “selves” could be watching over us right now, helping to guide us, & protect us. Maybe the intuition we sense within us is really our self, the one that already walked this life. (lol…omg, how do I even think these things?)

8/21/11       Imagine your life completely free of negative people, those who don’t encourage or support you, who belittle youu, who always say “I told you so”, who always remind you, “that’s nothing”, who 2nd guess your motives, who always compare one thing to another & who are never truly happy for you. (Sadly, for some us, that won’t leave a lot of people left.) Question: If you were free of all the negative, would you have the courage, will, & desire to motivate & inspire your own self?

8/23/11     Yes, it’s true that peacefulness is an inner quality, but I ask you, why would anyone who is able to carry their peace within choose to live a life filled w/constant trouble & drama?  Life is filled with ups & downs, but if strife is the everyday norm, then create a peaceful environment to live in (your home base) which compliments the inner peace you feel within or the conflict will constantly be at odds.  It’s like saying that as long as your home base is peaceful you can live with not experiencing inner peace.  The two opposites will directly oppose each other looking to create equilibrium.  

8/26/11      Nothing lasts forever, except memories, & although they may fade w/time from our consciousness they remain a permanent fixture in our “house of life”.  Hopefully, we will take time to review & gain insight into what our lives have meant to ourselves & others. Best to resolve any issues while we’re still breathing, not only for a peaceful afterlife (if you believe in one) but more importantly to just find peace in the here & now. Here’s to gaining insight…….here, here

8/26/11       We can love many people. We can be attracted to many people. However, meeting someone who we can love & are attracted to is rare indeed. It’s such an elusive possibility, so if you do find this, trust me & recognise it as something you may never find again. Cherish, honor, and respect your love w/your heart & soul.

8/26/11       *Newsflash: Nursery rhyme fortells scientific discovery* Scientists have discovered a new planet made up almost entirely of carbon, which is the same physical composition as a diamond. Who knew kindergartners were so smart? Come on, sing along: “Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky……..” Yay, for the diamond planet!!

8/25/11      I spent the day enjoying the 2 things that have filled my life always w/joy,wonder& peace: music & kids. 1) lots of kids @ my house today 2)cooking & cleaning up after kids 3)autographing my new cds & mailing them to those who bought them 4)accepting 30-40 new friend requests on FB 5) watching my YouTube views grow by another 1000 6)practicing singing in my kitchen while tending the kids (because kids or no kids, I need to be ready to record my new song @ the studio on Sat.). My heart is joyful…

9/4/11         If someone doesn’t hold grudges, what is there to forgive in other people? I feel like I am missing something. Life happens and people do all sorts of weird things but at the end of the day it was their choice. How can I hold a grudge against someone for exercising their freedom of choice? And, I may hate the deed, but I can not hate or hold a grudge against a person when I know that all of us carry and are connected by light within. It would be like hating a piece of myself.

9/4/11         Maybe we hold grudges because our pride is hurt, and we can not humble ourselves to the fact that we actually have no control over the actions of others. We don’t have any choice sometimes but to just take whatever life dishes out. But, I say, chin up. Get up and walk tall. Cry tears not for yourself, but for the person who has hurt you because their cruelty is a lack of compassion and a lack of compassion is someone who is not walking in their light. It’s actually very sad.

9/4/11         When the universe aligns pefectly, you just know……..

9/5/11         Life will humble us, taking away our sense that we actually are entitled to anything. Better to remove any expectations that we are the true owners of anything because everything can be lost or gained. Enjoy your talents and abilities whatever they may be for they truly are your gift to the world.

9/5/11         Strive to know & understand your connectedness to all of creation personally, not simply by what you are told or taught.  Step outside of the confines of all that you have learned & seek to know the Truth within your heart. It’s a universal Truth, the same that lies within all of us. Remember, if we all did this, there would be no religion to learn, no books on religion to read, no prophets to follow, a radical idea for all humankind! Imagine, us not being led or guided except by the power of the universal light within?

9/5/11         We are sending out healing light to all of creation constantly, whether we are aware of it or not. There is no disconnect in the flow of this energy, it passes effortlessly through us, around us, and from us, like the ocean or the air. All we need to do is to be aware of what’s actually taking place. Focus on that for a while. It may just change your life….

9/5/11         We can all know the Truth……I can not stress enough that there is nothing we can’t learn about our inner light on our own. The world is full of too many books and religions and all it has done is confused people and pitted them against one another. We can know the Truth….it’s easy if you just allow yourself to know it.

9/5/11         There is no word which can precisely describe the shock and trauma a parent feels at having a child suddenly ripped from his or her life.   

9/5/11         Season changing & leaves have started falling. Is that why it’s called, Fall?  Is Spring maybe called that because it’s when things “spring” to life. Let’s see, Winter & Summer, what is the reason for those names? Anyone have any name suggestions? I propose we rename Summer & Winter. I’ll be sending around a petition for you to sign, sign it even if you’re not in favor; in fact, don’t even bother to read it. I’m wondering who actually is in charge of name changes for the seasons. (lol)

9/8/11        The true power of positive thinking, which comes from being hopeful, is in the day-to-day way we live our lives. … Hopefulness, is a mind set that isn’t dictated by what happens around us or by the people in our lives. And it doesn’t mean that negative things won’t happen. The power of this mind set is it’s ability to shape our perspective, enabling us to manifest our hope into reality.

9/10/11        Although life seems like one long journey, it’s actually a collection of journeys, each distinct in reality, purpose, meaning & time frame. Some will be more pleasing to us than others. For example, I verily enjoy my journey of motherhood, yet I verily dislike my journey as a bereaved parent. Relationships w/others are journeys, so too are reflective, solitary journeys into spiritual awareness. Recognize the journeys you’ve walked & are walking, & see them as branches of your tree of life.

9/10/11        Spirit soars throughout infinity, neither here nor there, without a mission, a goal, or a destination, yet completely at ease hitching a ride on the energy of eternity’s breeze….good Saturday morning, all

9/13/11        We need to be self-determined in our efforts to create the life we desire. We can have people in our lives who we love and trust, but we’re solely responsible for creating the life we want. We need to take the pressure off each other and take responsibility for creating our own life of peace and happiness; only then will we be truly free.

9/17/11        Life is full of crossroads, places when we find we are almost at a standstill, not quite sure which direction to take or how. Life is also about adapting to change and finding meaning through the unexpected twists of fate. Mmmm, finding meaning is not as easy as I thought it once was

9/18/11        There is a difference between being grateful in one’s life (which is to recognise and appreciate value) and finding meaning & having a purpose. You can be grateful for anythng (your children, your job, your relationships, nature, etc) but it doesn’t nesessarily mean that your life has a purpose or a value. We create meaning and purpose in our lives to make us feel valuable. Take away meaning and purpose and all you’re left with is gratefulness.

9/20/11       Pure light energy transcends all reality.  Blessed is the being who is aware of their light & of the light emminating from and through all of creation. It is nothing short of amazing when two such beings find each other and connect spiritually.  However, in order to be aware of the light in others we must first know the light within ourselves. This takes much effort because we have to deconstruct everything we’ve been taught in order to get to the place of purity within. It is there though, deep within us, a place where we once loved ourselves & each other, this is the place where pure light dwells.

9/20/11        The most unselfish work we can do is to know, understand, and love ourselves because this perception influences all our interactions within our environment. For me, this is knowing I’m the bearer of a pure light energy of love & recognising that it exists in me regardless of what I do in my life. There is nothing that I can do as a human being which reduces or adds to this light I carry within. This peaceful awareness never leaves me, I can not separate myself from it no matter what I do. It is always there, as my center. When I look at others I see their humanness, but I also see they are more than this for they too are beareres of this light within.

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Finding meaning again

I have learned that there is a difference between being grateful in one’s life (which is to recognise and appreciate value) and finding meaning & having a purpose. You can be grateful for anythng (your children, your job, your relationships, nature, etc) but it doesn’t nesessarily mean that your life has a purpose or a value. We create meaning and purpose in our lives to make us feel valuable. Take away meaning and purpose and all you’re left with is gratefulness.

For me, everything that once gave my life meaning and purpose are gone.  Do not, even for a minute, think this post is an exercise in self-pity.  I do not feel sorry for myself in the least nor do I crave sympathy.  I accept life, with all it’s ups and downs.  However, my life has changed dramatically in the past 5 yrs, which is why I am now contemplating what my new life will hold.  I am sure your life is full of changes too, and maybe you will be able to relate to the changes I have experienced.         

Yes, I am still grateful for all that I have and hopeful about my future, but my life lacks the meaning and purpose it had over the course of a lifetime (maybe this is true for you as well).  My siblings are all grown, my 36 yr relationship with my husband is over, my children are all grown and off on their own, I lost the job I had for 25 yrs, the business which I’d worked hard to build for 15 yrs is gone, my fianancial security (past, present and future) is gone, the things I owned are gone, and I buried my youngest son and my father.  These are all the things which I had built decades of my life around.  The relationships were the meaning and purpose in my life.  Now those relatiosnhips either do not exist anymore or they have changed dramatically.  I am struggling to find meaning in this new life I have, one which does not need me as devoted mother, wife, teacher, entrepreneur, nurturer and caretaker.  I’m not sure how to redefine my identity and I am not sure if I can.  These roles I took on in my life were not completely ones I’d chosen (for example, I was born the oldest girl in my family, and I was pregnant when I got married at 18).  I did not have to work to create meaning in my life, it was handed to me and I cherished my roles.  There were responsibilities which shaped and molded my life.  Now these responsibilities are over.  For the first time in my life I am not responsible to anyone or anything or for anyone or anything.   

I hope that there is a more fulfilling, meaningful life on the horizon for me, just docked and waiting like a ship ready to sail.  I can not imagine what cargo this ship will carry.  I do not know when or where it is docked but I feel that it waits for me, just as a ship waits for all of us.  I hope and I pray that my eyes, my mind, and my soul are open to all that life has in store for me.  Of course, I will work hard to create a life I enjoy, but a big part of what I enjoy about life is the unexpected and the instability of it all.  I mean, we can chart our course, but the ocean of life creates unpredictable storms and waves.  Cherish and savor life, with all it’s unexpected twists and turns, for they challenge us in ways we could never plan and they create meaning and purpose in unique ways.  I think I am learning my greatest lesson right now, which is to be patient and be still and allow life to unfold, and bring with it a natural churning of meaningful energy.  The meaning and purpose will be revealed.   

And on that last thought I will put down my philosophers pen and pick up my paint brush, for the garage door is waiting for a coat of paint.                            

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Know the infinite

Contemplating infinity.  It truly is a simple concept…it simply means all-encompassing in all directions, like an ocean that just goes on forever.  Unfortunely, our reality from a human standpoint, is finite.  Our perspecitive is one of beginnings and endings, yet this is an illusion based upon a narrow, limited physical view of existence.  We occupy a less than microscopic physical space, so naturally our perspective will be based upon our experiences within this minute realm, where we see things born and die.  We can not “see” the constant motion of energy flowing freely from and through and into the living environment.  Do you know that there is the same volume of water on this planet for the millions of years?  No more, no less.  It doesn’t evaporate and disappear, it evaporates and returns through rain.  We drink it and it also returns as urine.  It is the same with the energy found in all plant and animal life, this is the same energy which began with the conception of all.  We can not add to it or take away from it.  Everything eventually returns to the ground, air, or the ocean and is absorbed once again somehow through other parts of creation, repeated in an infinite cycle.  We, or rather our energy and in fact parts of our DNA, never die, which means that we too carry the DNA and energy of the infinite past of this planet and this universe.  We are the past, the present, and the future, and we will live on forever.   
We are all a part of the whole.  There is no such thing as less than or not enough, these are all illusions from our narrow minded human perspective.  We are all one, we can’t cut ourselves off from each other literally, no matter how hard we try to live separate lives.  We are all one, the good, the bad and the ugly…and none of it matters in the realm of infinity.  Think about it this way, do we care about the life of worms?  No we don’t, because they move at a slow pace (even though it’s not slow to worms).  But if we could step outside of our lives and be huge like the size of mountains, wouldn’t our lives and our complaints seem petty?  Who or what, in the whole of infinity, really cares except us?  Why do we think we our so important?  Because we are an emotional species and full of pride, that’s why. It really doesn’t matter in the scope of infinity if we are even here at all.  Live the life you’ve been given and enjoy it while you can for it will be over in the blink of an eye.  Your energy will once again be absorbed into infinity.                     

Sharen Wendy Robertson owns the copyright to all posts on this Blog.