Global madness: what’s wrong here?

     I am prompted to write today due to the catastrophy occuring in the Gulf of Mexico.  For me, this prolonged spewing of oil in such a delicate part of the world is cause for reflection.  Watching this horror unfold over the past several months has made me even more aware and sensitive to all the bad things taking place in the world.  I mean really, if you want to think about it (not that anyone really wants to), but what about global warming, and acid rain, cruelty to animals, and destruction of the rain forest, and human trafficing, and drug and alcohol addiction, and child abuse and domestic violence, sexual abuse, neglect, greed, lonliness even though we’re all “connected”, illiteracy, hunger, sickness, disparate wealth, etc.  I mean, the list could go on and on and on and on.
    It really makes me wonder what is driving this madness.  Why are people hurting each other and the beautiful world we live in.  Why?  Why don’t people care?  I wonder, is it drugs?  Maybe so many people are medicated they can’t think rationally.  Are they medicated with the high of greed and lust?  What is it and how come we can’t pull ourselves out of it?  Our species is completely out of control. 
     As I sit here analyzing, I think I may have the answer!  Since we have so efficiently removed ourselves from the food chain, we have been given free reign to completely take over the planet.  I suppose the same thing would happen if any species were allowed to overpopulate the planet.  It would be disastrous for all other living creatures.  That species would consume the planet until everything was either used up or ruined.  The balance of nature is gone forever now because we have the ability to ensure our own survival.  On top of that, I don’t think there is a such thing anymore as the “balance of nature” because we’ve tipped the scale in our favor so that nature doesn’t rule the planet, we do.  Oh, nature can still create havoc on earth, but we seem to have become dictators and overpowered the survival of most living organisms on earth.     
     There is nothing odd with what we’ve done here, the purpose of all organisms is to survive.  We have a survival instinct embedded within our genes, just like bacteria and lions and flies, which dictates our drive to ensure the survival of our species.  But, the survival instinct in us is not for our species, it is for ourselves, which is to consume and consume, and to get, while the getting is good because this will ensure the survival of my particular gene which naturally is the best gene and if I don’t perpetuate my gene, then my gene will die out.  Not my species, but my gene.  That is why we not only trample the environment, we trample each other.   Still embedded in us is the notion of survival of the fittest and we will trample anything that doesn’t support our sovereignty.
The human family does not operate as a group, like an ant colony or a bee hive, we operate independently and for the most part without regard for how our actions effect other human beings; or anything else for that matter. 
         So I think the question now is, “How do we get each other to see each other as part of the same family?”  Instead of only seeing each other and the environment as something to overpower in our quest for the survival of our genes.  I don’t have an answer.  I wish I did.  I don’t think there really is any turning back from this because even if some of us have the decency to step back and learn once again to appreciate and respect things, there is another person just dying to step in our shoes and get his share of the “good life.”  Just like the environment and weak races of people, we’ll just get trampled, too.  And what good is that?  It will take the strong amongst us to ensure the survival of our world.  We need something to bring us together as one unified mind-set.  Who knows, maybe one simple word will do; maybe this word,  PELOJO (Peace/Love/Joy), will do.  (Hey, atleast I’m trying.)     
Pelojo to you all.  

Funny, I just remembered a poem I wrote when I was 11 years old (that was way back in 1971).  I think I wrote it because the Vietnam War was on the news every night and watching it saddened me.  I think my poem, although written by a child, says everything we need to know. 
Rock Me Oh Lord

Rock me oh Lord,
Till the day that I die,
And tell me why,
The people must cry.
And tell me why,
I have such dreams,
That the sun won’t shine,
And the sky won’t gleam.
I guess it’s because,
We have done ourselves in,
To a life full of hate,
And a life full of sin.
But we could change things,
If we wanted to,
And live in a world,
Which is precious and new. 


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