Why I’m Still Here

Can’t sleep…thinking about my son and the car accident that took his life.  It will be three years ago on Sunday since I lost my son. I have been thinking so much about his accident and having lots of PTS. I keep seeing the accident, replaying over and over again, and it catches me off guard and I loose my breath and shake and cry……..the other day the images were particularily vivid and real.  I saw myself grieving over the news of his accident…….slumped over, legs buckled, unable to stop crying and just wanting to die and be with my son. It’s not unusual for me to see myself crying over the accident, but this time I saw my son in all his angelic form with wings leaning over me and supporting me, arms wrapped around me…holding me up so I didn’t completely slip away and die. My tears running down on his arms.  Now I have this “image” cemented in my brain as if it is real and as it gets closer to Sunday, I will have this gift from my son to remind me  that his love and support are actually why I am still here at all and to show me that I’m never really alone.

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